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Two & Seven

Wow, it’s been seven whole months since I last wrote a blog post. Wow. At the start of the year I made a resolution to write more here and I made it two posts before I gave up completely. God had other plans in store for me. Part of me wants to share everything that’s been going on, but part of me isn’t quite ready to re-enter blogland yet. However, one thing I will never regret about starting this blog is being able to look back over memories of my children growing up. So, if anything is worth posting about, it’s my sweet babies.

This past summer my oldest and youngest celebrated their seventh and second birthdays just a week apart. This is for them.

Roman Michael – TWO!





Oh Roman, where do I begin. You are the light of all of our lives. So goofy, so sassy, yet so sweet. For your second birthday we got you a balance bike (this one and it is the BEST for the price) and it was a HUGE hit. You are so freakin’ FAST on that thing. It is the cutest and most terrifying thing ever to see this tiny little thing flying down the street on a little bike. The other day we were getting ready to walk to the store and I was getting the stroller out of the car and set up while you and your siblings played in the driveway. Once I had it all ready to go, I went to put you in it and you were no where to be found. Little man, you almost gave your momma a heart attack! I found you two blocks away, cruising on your bike in the MIDDLE OF THE ROAD. Talk about a bad mom moment.

At two, here are a few of your favorite things: playing with mommy’s purses and shoes (I seriously clean up shoes scattered all about the house throughout the entire day), snuggling your special “banky”, riding bikes and scooters, going to music class, eating mommy’s sandwiches, snuggling, playing with play dough, playing monster with sissy and brother.

Roman, you are so funny! You make me laugh each and every day. You are the chattiest little two-year-old I’ve ever met. Like seriously, in the car sometimes I just want to tell you to SHUT UP. No, I wouldn’t trade your chatter for all the silence in the world. Sometimes you babble away and I can’t understand what you’re saying so I’ll say, “What Roman?” And you’ll respond, “Oh, nuffing.” Kills me! And your facial expressions? I can’t even. You are so expressive and flirty and HILARIOUS. I really can’t wait to see all you accomplish in this world as the go-getter you are. You are everything I wish I could be.

Leila Jade – SEVEN!



My beautiful daugher, the one who made me a mother, where do I even begin? Whenever I sit down to reflect on the amazing person you are I instantly cry. I am beyond blessed to be your mom. You are so stunning in all ways, from your big beautiful squinty-eyed smile, to your tender love for your little brothers, to your crazy creative soul. You amaze me.

At seven years old you are already more than I will ever be. You’re a dedicated pianist, a beautiful ballet dancer, and an amazing engineer of recycling bin contraptions. You’ve lost your love of dolls in the past year (which breaks my heart a tiny bit), but you’ve replaced it with a love of writing and creating and rollerskating and bike riding. Gone are the days where everything you loved is pink. Instead you prefer green and blue. This past week you started 2nd grade. Instead of squeezing my hand tightly as I walked you to class, you pushed me away and ran off with your friends before we even entered the school. I am continually fascinated watching you grow and learn and develop into the unique individual you are. I’m grateful to be your mother and to have you as a best friend.

Onward & Upward

Just over a week ago I was a nervous wreck. I drove my big kids up to my bro and sis-in-law’s house to stay the night and then back home alone with little Roman. For two hours at home it was just Roman and I waiting for Daddy to get home from work. He enjoyed a bath all by himself (a rarity around here) and him and I rolled around on my bed laughing hysterically. I tried my best to be as upbeat as possible while deep down inside my heart was breaking thinking about how my happy little guy had no idea what he was going to have to endure the next day.


Thankfully, Roman’s surgery and recovery went smoother than my mommy heart anticipated, although not exactly as planned. We checked in at 6:30am expecting for him to undergo a ureteral reimplant surgery to eliminate his vesicouretal reflux (VUR). They gave Roman some “happy” drug to relax him a bit before taking him back and that really eased all of our worries. It was so funny to see him all loopy and smiley and relaxed! Then, just before 8am I handed him over to the nurse to take back to surgery. I expected to cry, but I didn’t.


At 9am we received a call from the doctor that there had been a change of plans in the operating room. She discovered a blockage in his right ureter (the “problem” side), basically an area that was thick and preventing the flow of urine from the kidney to bladder. At birth, this was ruled out by a slew of tests, but of course those were wrong. So, instead of doing the original surgery, she had to remove that upper portion of his right ureter. Since it isn’t safe to operate on both ends of the ureter and it was already going to be a 3+ hour surgery, we will have to come back to have the reimplant surgery later in the year. Of course my heart broke finding out that my sweet boy would have to now endure two surgical procedures, but at the same time I felt so much gratitude for his amazing doctor and the fact that we were getting answers and one step closer to having a perfectly healthy boy.


Recovery in the hospital with Roman was anything but fun. We were there for three days and two nights and it was uncomfortable and boring and torture to see my innocent baby so confused and in pain. Thankfully, the nurses kept him on a steady flow of pain relievers and he bounced back to himself rather quickly! The tough part was all of the wires and tubes coming off of him, making it difficult to snuggle and comfort him easily. I definitely want to write a post of tips and tricks for surviving your child’s surgery! I learned a lot this time around which will hopefully be helpful next time we have to go through this.


As of today, you would never know Roman went through all that just a week ago. He’s back to his sassy, spunky self and remains the little light in all of our lives. He’s finally starting to walk and talk a lot and he just makes me crack up each and every day. I’m so happy we survived this first hurdle.


Now that we’re through that surgery, I feel like a weight’s off my shoulders. Sure, we still have the next one, but it’s not bringing me down because I know how strong my boy is and I know a little bit more of what to expect. I’m focusing on letting a lot of positive energy into my life after a rather crappy last couple of months. I’m getting excited for back to school, closure on the housing front (whether we decide to pull our house off the market or it sells by the end of August), and starting some new projects for my own fulfillment. It’s onward and upward from here.

The Last 1st Birthday

Six years ago when I became a mother I remember the crazy mix of stress and excitement that became my daily existence. I was always questioning every move I made while celebrating each milestone and anxiously awaiting the next big thing. When Leila first rolled over I wondered when she would crawl and when she first crawled I wondered when she would walk.

Fast forward to my third round of bringing a new life into this world and I’m older and wiser. Roman’s first year has been full of desperation to hold on to each day of his infancy. I’m a much more laid back mother now and instead of doubting every parenting decision I just kind of let it all unfold. I pray that each stage lasts longer than I know it will. Unfortunately, it seems that the more I resist time and change and growth, the faster it all goes by.

My last baby is ONE.

And him and I are SO over the monthly photoshoots, as you can tell. 🙂

While Roman’s birthday was fun and exciting and a happy occasion, I couldn’t help but feel a bit emotional about it. He’s still very much a baby,  but we’ve already moved on from swaddling, the baby bathtub, the bumbo, the tiny diapers. Any day he’ll be walking, then running, then talking back to me and I’ll never have another sweet, innocent, newborn to look forward to again until I become a grandparent. I never thought moving on from the newborn baby stage of my life would be so tough! Granted, I’m super excited to eventually be done with diapers and be able to travel and do more things easily with three self-sufficient children. So it’s really not all bad. And who knows, maybe I’ll end up with a forth after all! HA HA HA HA! (Oh dear Lord please NO.)

Roman’s adorable outfit found recently at H&M. I’m obsessed.

Anywho, besides sulking over my baby being one, I’m super happy with the the adorable little man he is growing into! Like I am legit obsessed with this kid and never want to leave him. Here are some things I don’t want to forget about Roman Michael at ONE YEAR OLD…

  • His dad and I call him “T” for Trouble. He’s a speedy, sneaky, lil trouble maker already.
  • He has five little toofers and he recently started grinding them together which drives me batty.
  • Walks along walls and furniture, but still no first steps.
  • Screams like someone is stabbing him when you place him in his crib, but as soon as you leave the room he quiets down. He just needs to get in at least one big cry of protest whenever he doesn’t get his way.
  • Stubborn, sassy little thing, but super happy and smiley about 95% of the time.
  • Roman loves to do somersaults. If he’s crawling around you can yell out, “Somersault!” and he’ll get in a downward dog position until someone flips him over. Then he’ll clap his hands and want to do it again.
  • Weighing in at 21 lbs at exactly one year old (I took him to the doc on his 1st b-day because I thought he may have an ear infection, but it was just a virus I guess).
  • So far his first tastes of whole milk haven’t gone over so well. And he still wants the boob as much as possible. Oye. I’m so ready to be done nursing, but that’s a story for another day.
  • Roman loves his momma in a way I’ve never experienced before. I think it’s the fact that this is my first child who hasn’t had to be in daycare at all, but our connection is crazy. He’s super attached to me, and I’m just as attached to him. I hope we’re always close.
  • I love his chin dimple, the wrinkly forehead scrunchy face he always makes, and the big birthmark on the back of his left calf. Three little things I hope never change about him.




This past year of getting to know Roman and welcoming him into our family and adjusting to life as a family of five has been phenomenal. I never understood how special it is to “just” be a mom and focus on giving myself fully to my children. It’s exhausting, but it’s amazing. Having Roman has allowed all of us to grow closer. It’s given me more time with my husband and more time to be there for Leila as she adjusted to school life. I’ve been able to spend lots of one-on-one time with Landon while Leila was at school and Roman napped. Time I had never been able to experience before. Roman has been a gift to this family and I have a feeling that while he won’t always be a baby, he’ll always be our baby.

11 months (!!!)

Well, we have officially entered the month in which my littlest boy will turn ONE. Holy cow. To say this year has flown by exponentially faster than the first year of my other two children would be an understatement. It literally passed in the blink of an eye. I’ve always felt a bit emotional as the first birthday approaches, but this time even more so. This time, I’ll be celebrating the very last first birthday. I’ll be taking the very last monthly photo. I’ll be saying goodbye to my last child’s babyhood. It’s tough.


Sure, I’m excited to slowly put all things baby behind us and move on to even bigger and better adventures as my children grow up, but these first months and years are so precious. With your first child you are constantly looking towards the future, waiting for each major milestone to occur. By your last, you try relentlessly to slow it down, to savor every second of tiny innocence you can. At least, this was the case for me. And now I completely understand why the last child is always the “baby.” Roman will forever be momma’s baby.


All about Roman Michael at 11 MONTHS OLD…

  • Still the happiest baby ever. I can’t imagine him turning into a terrible, tantruming toddler (but I remember thinking the same thing about his big bro, so we’ll see!).
  • Waking up at least once in the middle of the night yet again. Probably teething. He’s got both bottom front teeth and one top front popping through. The second one is bulging big time.
  • Taking two solid 1-2 hour naps a day. The tides totally turned on my once horrible napper.
  • Roman loves being on the go. He’s super happy in his car seat or in the stroller.
  • Every morning when his daddy wakes up and comes downstairs Roman gets giddy with excitement and crawls as fast as he can to him. It’s my favorite thing ever.
  • Pulling up to stand on everything, but no walking yet. This kid can climb, though! If I turn my back for a second he’s up the stairs and he also likes to pull out drawers and climb up in them. I’m sure he’ll be my first kid with a broken bone.
  • Roman is super long and lean. Wearing 12 month clothes, but many pants are big around the waste on him. I love putting him in his big bro’s old clothes, like that cute red number in the pics. (Although Landon wore that when he was like 6 months old since he was so huge!)
  • We gave him his first real haircut a couple of weeks ago. His “wings” on the side were getting crazy and I was starting to get annoyed with strangers always thinking he was a girl. Haven’t had one person call him a girl since we trimmed his hair. Isn’t that odd?
  • Just this past month Roman has really become enamored with his brother. I am so excited to watch their relationship grow! If Landon is sitting on the floor, Roman will crawl over and pull up to stand on him and pull his hair just to get a reaction. Landon loves to tickle and kiss Roman and make his laugh by acting silly.
  • Roman is still breastfeeding and I don’t see him wanting to stop any time soon, even though I am honestly burnt out on it. We will introduce milk to him after he’s one and see what he thinks about that.
  • This kid has the softest skin and I swear he still has that special baby smell. I could just eat him up, I love him so.

Roman-11months-2 Roman-11months-4 Roman-11months-3

Romie was having nothing to do with his 11 month photoshoot! Ha! My normally super happy, can’t contain his smile little boy was being stubborn for a change. Oh sweet, happy baby please don’t grow up!

10 months.

Well, I’m writing Roman’s 10 month post a few days late because he turned 10 months old while we were on vacation in DISNEYLAND!!! We seriously had the BEST. TIME. EVER. No joke. Trust me, I will have a full post dedicated to our trip soon. In the mean time, this is all about my little Romie bear.

It’s no joke when I say that this kid gets better and better with age and my heart feels like it’s going to burst on a daily basis when he smiles at me. I just don’t want 10 months to disappear…

  • Roman recently weighed in at 20 lbs 6 oz and surprised us with a double ear infection at his well baby check up. Seriously, we would never have known!
  • This past weekend he finally graduated from the inch worm army crawl to a real up-on-all-fours crawl.
  • He’s pulling up to stand against any and everything. And getting in trouble with each turn of my back.
  • Finally napping pretty consistently two times per day, but as a result his night sleep is suffering. Oye. Recently he’s been waking up 1-2 times wanting to nurse at night. Fun times for mom.
  • Loves, LOVES, food. Eating everything we eat. He especially seems to love meat (chicken and beef). His great aunt gave him his first taste of ice-cream while we were at Disneyland. I just couldn’t say no at the Happiest Place on Earth!
  • Roman is quite the chatter box and definitely cries for me (“Ma Ma Ma Ma”) when he’s upset. Melts my heart.
  • So far, no fear of strangers with this baby. I can still hand him over to anyone and he’ll touch their face and nuzzle right on in.
  • Romie cut his FIRST TOOTH (bottom right) last week! That’s the earliest tooth out of all three of my babies. Late teethers around these parts.
  • His first big trip was a HUGE success. Didn’t fuss at all on any of the flights and loved every minute of exploring the hotel room and being carted around Disneyland. We are seriously so blessed with this kid.

In the 10 months that I’ve been able to stay home with Roman I’ve never once regretted my decision. Sure, there have been days when I’ve thought about going back to work, but it’s never this baby that sends me to that point (usually housework and the raging-beast 3-year-old – HAHA!). He is my little ray of light in each day and I am so, so, SO thankful I get to be his momma.

Roman-10months-2 Roman-10months-3 Roman-10months-4 Roman-10months-5

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