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11 months (!!!)

Well, we have officially entered the month in which my littlest boy will turn ONE. Holy cow. To say this year has flown by exponentially faster than the first year of my other two children would be an understatement. It literally passed in the blink of an eye. I’ve always felt a bit emotional as the first birthday approaches, but this time even more so. This time, I’ll be celebrating the very last first birthday. I’ll be taking the very last monthly photo. I’ll be saying goodbye to my last child’s babyhood. It’s tough.


Sure, I’m excited to slowly put all things baby behind us and move on to even bigger and better adventures as my children grow up, but these first months and years are so precious. With your first child you are constantly looking towards the future, waiting for each major milestone to occur. By your last, you try relentlessly to slow it down, to savor every second of tiny innocence you can. At least, this was the case for me. And now I completely understand why the last child is always the “baby.” Roman will forever be momma’s baby.


All about Roman Michael at 11 MONTHS OLD…

  • Still the happiest baby ever. I can’t imagine him turning into a terrible, tantruming toddler (but I remember thinking the same thing about his big bro, so we’ll see!).
  • Waking up at least once in the middle of the night yet again. Probably teething. He’s got both bottom front teeth and one top front popping through. The second one is bulging big time.
  • Taking two solid 1-2 hour naps a day. The tides totally turned on my once horrible napper.
  • Roman loves being on the go. He’s super happy in his car seat or in the stroller.
  • Every morning when his daddy wakes up and comes downstairs Roman gets giddy with excitement and crawls as fast as he can to him. It’s my favorite thing ever.
  • Pulling up to stand on everything, but no walking yet. This kid can climb, though! If I turn my back for a second he’s up the stairs and he also likes to pull out drawers and climb up in them. I’m sure he’ll be my first kid with a broken bone.
  • Roman is super long and lean. Wearing 12 month clothes, but many pants are big around the waste on him. I love putting him in his big bro’s old clothes, like that cute red number in the pics. (Although Landon wore that when he was like 6 months old since he was so huge!)
  • We gave him his first real haircut a couple of weeks ago. His “wings” on the side were getting crazy and I was starting to get annoyed with strangers always thinking he was a girl. Haven’t had one person call him a girl since we trimmed his hair. Isn’t that odd?
  • Just this past month Roman has really become enamored with his brother. I am so excited to watch their relationship grow! If Landon is sitting on the floor, Roman will crawl over and pull up to stand on him and pull his hair just to get a reaction. Landon loves to tickle and kiss Roman and make his laugh by acting silly.
  • Roman is still breastfeeding and I don’t see him wanting to stop any time soon, even though I am honestly burnt out on it. We will introduce milk to him after he’s one and see what he thinks about that.
  • This kid has the softest skin and I swear he still has that special baby smell. I could just eat him up, I love him so.

Roman-11months-2 Roman-11months-4 Roman-11months-3

Romie was having nothing to do with his 11 month photoshoot! Ha! My normally super happy, can’t contain his smile little boy was being stubborn for a change. Oh sweet, happy baby please don’t grow up!

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