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Sweetie Pie Organics Giveaway

Sweetie Pie Organics Giveaway

I can’t seem to find much time these days to blog because I’m busy with three kids (duh!) and working on Daily Mom, but I did want to stop by and let you know about an awesome giveaway right now over on Daily Mom for two variety packs (12 boxes total!) of these delicious and wholesome fruit snacks from Sweetie Pie OrganicsThese snacks are perfect for toddlers, school aged kids, picky eaters and everything in between. They are absolutely perfect for school lunches or snacks! (Agh, that reminds me that my girl will be starting kindergarten in just a few weeks! Noooooo!)

Want to enter to win some for your brood? Scoot on over to Daily Mom and enter to win this prize pack that’s valued at $70! Your kids will thank you.

This giveaway ends on August 26th at midnight eastern time so don’t delay!

Little Mommy

The other night my daughter had a sleepover with her cousin, so it was just me and the boys. Needless to say, I missed her desperately. When her daddy went to work the next day, I was left with my two little guys and I got a taste of what it will be like when Leila Jade starts kindergarten in just a few weeks. You’d think that being down one kid would make life a bit easier, but in my case this couldn’t be further from the truth. Leila is my best friend, my helper, and a little mommy to her baby brothers.

When she’s gone it’s “where’s diddy?” (aka “sissy”) every five minutes from Landon. That kid just adores his big sis. In fact, between having a newborn and Landon’s complete disregard for anything I ask him to do, potty training just wasn’t happening with him… until my angel-child-daughter swooped in and took him under her wing. Yes, my just-turned-5-year-old daughter potty trained her brother. That in itself deserves its own blog post.

This kid is amazing. She is seriously wise beyond her years, yet such a silly goofball! She is the most caring, nurturing, loving, kind-hearted person I know. I can’t believe I created her! I highly recommend having a daughter like her before you have any more kids. It’s seriously like having a second mom around the house. Ha! I need to start paying this kid an allowance for how much of my sanity she saves me.

Tonight I found myself in the kitchen tidying up with the baby strapped in the ergo and Landon watching Mickey Mouse. Out the kitchen window was my beautiful daughter digging in the dirt. It was in that moment of calm that I was struck with just how lucky I am. It wasn’t an easy day. It wasn’t a clean day. But thanks to my little miss, it was a better day.

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