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Our Bedroom Makeover

A couple of months ago I took a week off work. With no vacations planned this year and the nesting bug starting to kick in, I thought, “why not?” I sent the kids to daycare on their normal days, Monday-Wednesday, and spent those days all by myself. It was AMAZING. However, I spent hardly any of that time relaxing. Instead, I used it to get rid of a TON of junk, set up a new bedroom for my daughter (the previous guest room), and re-do our master bedroom.

My main project during this time was painting our bed! I really wanted to buy a new bed with a beautiful plush tufted headboard, but decided to save money and just update the bed we already have. For a few hours of labor and under $25, I turned our boring wood bed into something I absolutly love!

I also bought us some new bedding, new curtains, new throw pillows, and a couple of accent decor items. Little changes that made a HUGE difference. And now for some pics. I will have a separate post on how I painted our bed (no sanding required!) soon.


The “Before” for comparison… bedroommakeover-1

A little comparison shot of the “After” next to the “Before”… bedroommakeover-5 bedroom-2 bedroommakeover-3 bedroommakeover-6 bedroommakeover-2 bedroom-1

A cell phone panorama shot…bedroompan

And now for some of the details:


  • White Duvet – scored from Nordstrom.com on clearance for only $60! It’s similar to this one from Target.
  • Sheets – Threshold Organic Cotton in Gray Floral from Target. LOVE these sheets. They keep getting softer and they have little tags on the edges of the fitted sheet to tell you which is top/bottom or side – so helpful for a king size bed!
  • Pillows – both gray/yellow ones are from good ole Target (pretty much everything I got for our bedroom was from there). The floral one is old, but here’s the diamond one.
  • Quilt – probably my favorite find for our bedroom update! I REALLY wanted a yellow AND gray quilt/coverlet. I stumbled upon this one at World Market and couldn’t pay for it fast enough. It is seriously the softest, lightest weight thing and really made the room for me.

Side Tables:

  • Tables – I moved these up from the guest bedroom (not sure why they were in there and not our master bedroom to begin with!). We purchased them specifically for the guest room at Pier One when we first moved into the house. They are made from distressed looking mirrors and so elegant and pretty! They still have a very similar version for sale HERE.
  • Lamps – courtesy of Target, once again. Here’s the lamp shade we went with.


  • Rug – Target does it again! This one for a whopping $68.
  • Curtains – can you guess? Target! Ha! These beautiful ombre ones.
  • Wicker Storage Boxes – I think I found these at TJ Maxx years ago. We were actually previously using them for our nightstands! Now they make a good little seat/storage combo.
  • Clock – I love this clock so much! It makes me happy. Found it at Hobby Lobby. I guess it’s a similar style to this one.

I’ve been wanting to update our bedroom FOREVER and I’m so glad I finally did it! I’ve been motivated to actually keep it clean and clutter free now and love spending time in there. It’s so light and bright now! 🙂

Clinger {30 weeks}

Okay, I’m getting a little bit scared for baby #3 now. While Landon has always been a momma’s boy (gotta love it!), he is now entering the obsessive clinger stage. Literally, from Friday-Sunday I could not get the boy off me. He had to be sitting on my lap, being held by me, or at least touching me at all times. I’m sure if I didn’t take my weekly belly pics during his nap time that he would have been reaching up for me in the photos.

I’m not sure if it’s the nasty cold that he has or if he senses the change coming in the near future. All I know is that if this keeps up when baby gets here, I’m going to have my hands very full (literally). It should make for an interesting transition period, that’s for sure!

Anyhow, I’m 30 weeks now! Only 10 weeks to go! This last stretch is going to fly by, I just know it.


Happenings at 30 weeks…

  • I feel like my crazy-fast growth has slowed down and my belly doesn’t look too different from the last couple of weeks. Phew!
  • Seriously SO excited to see this little bugger on Wednesday! I love ultrasounds! And I kinda love my doctor, so I’m excited to see him, too. 🙂
  • Work is super crazy right now along with all of the cool things I have going on with Daily Mom. With only 10 weeks to go, I’m feeling the pressure to be really productive and make the most of my time. At the same time, 3rd trimester exhaustion is hitting hard and I just want to relax.
  • Finally bought a few things for baby boy this weekend! Included were a ridiculous pair of newborn flip flops (seriously the most unnecessary, but adorable purchase).
  • Finding myself running out of breath a lot easier these days. Like going up one flight of stairs has me panting.
  • Current cravings include: iced coffee, hamburgers, orange juice.
  • Watching less TV, but playing a little bit too much Candy Crush on the iPhone these days.
  • Super happy. Like happy to the point where I sense something bad will happen any minute because no one is allowed to be this happy, right?
  • Looking forward to: a couple of 4 day weekends I have planned with my family including a trip to Seattle, our 6th wedding Anniversary on 6/7, shopping for a new car that will handle 3 kids, Leila’s 5th birthday on 7/8, and of course this baby!

Blast from the past…

I hope you had a wonderful weekend! Here’s to a great week ahead of us!

2.5 years with my boy.

Yesterday, Landon Drew turned 2.5 years old. It seems like only yesterday that I was propping Leila up on my big round belly when Landon was growing inside me. Now, it is him who perches up high on top of his baby bro. Little does he know how his life will change forever in just a couple of months when he becomes a big brother.


This kid. I love him so much. When you have an only child you can’t imagine how the love could possibly grow with the addition of more kids, but miraculously it easily does. Sometimes I look into his big blue eyes and I really think my heart could burst. My little momma’s boy. The way he loves me is insane. His hugs are the best (although sometimes literally painful) and when he calls for me, my heart skips a beat. There is nothing like feeling loved and truly needed by a child. With Landon, he lets me feel that every day.


Today at 2.5 Landon is far from the baby who came home from the hospital with us on that crisp, sunny October day. Then, he was very chill, mellow, and quiet. Now, he is the epitome of a wild 2-year-old boy. Always on the go. Always getting into something. Always (well, usually) putting a smile on our faces. Mr. Personality.

Things I never want to forget about Landon Drew at 2 and a half…

  • He recently started sleeping in his sister’s old twin bed and while I miss leaving him to roll around in his crib each morning while I clock some more zzz’s, there is nothing better than waking up to him climbing on top of me, giving me the best morning snuggles imagineable.
  • He’s a late talker, still no sentences and we’re lucky if we can get him to put two words together, but this kid is smart. Shortly after he turned 2 he started pointing out letters in books and on TV. I still don’t know how he learned them – I’m thinking his favorite show “Super Why” was a big factor. Today, he can easily identify most lower and upper case letters.
  • He’s a much better eater than his sister! Still pretty picky when it comes to veggies, but he will try pretty much anything we are eating. He loves meat and seafood (salmon and shrimp were big hits) and Mexican!
  • His favorite thing to play with is play-doh. He loves to make me “cookies.”
  • His favorite thing to do, hands down, is help in the kitchen. We may have a future chef on our hands! Any time Andy or I are in the kitchen, Landon is there wanting up on the counter to help out.
  • He is also still obsessed with vacuuming. What can I say, he’s just a domestic little guy! He’s going to make some girl very happy one day. J
  • Landon is a stubborn, naughty little thing. He loves to push his momma’s buttons by doing the exact opposite of what I ask him. He’s tricky to punish as well because he usually just laughs at me when I get mad at him. However, it’s hard to stay mad at him for long.
  • He loves his sister soooo much and I’m almost brought to tears on a daily basis because of it. He calls her “diddy” (aka “sissy” – still no s’s yet) or if she’s really not paying attention to him, he’ll call her by name. Every night before bed he runs up to her and gives her a big hug and puckers his lips up until she leans down to kiss him. I die.
  • My boy is such a great sleeper and I am SO thankful for that! While his sister starting sleeping through the night at only a couple months old, she now STILL crawls in bed with us in the middle of the night. Landon, on the other hand, didn’t sleep through the night until he was 11 months old, but now sleeps a solid 11 hours every night without a peep. And he’s an excellent napper, too!
  • He has this little bounce in his step and zest for life that is just contagious. I try to see things through his eyes as much as possible and when I do, the things that are stressing me out or bringing me down don’t seem so bad anymore. I hope his positive outlook and spunk never disappear.

I could go on and on about my little guy, but I won’t. You really just have to see him and know him to understand just how special he is. Or, maybe that’s just me – a mother’s perspective is always a little bit twisted, isn’t it? Either way, I can’t imagine my life without him, I can’t wait to continue to watch him grow, and I am sooooo looking forward to seeing him as a big brother.

Yep, this video about sums him up…

I love you so, so, so, so, so much little man! Keep doing your thing!   

Easter Fun {29 weeks}

What a wonderful (and exhausting) weekend! We lucked out in the weather department and were able to enjoy a good portion of it outside in the sun. Easter day did not disappoint with the Easter bunny baskets a huge success, mass quantities of candy consumed, two egg hunts, and lots of chocolate covered smiling faces. Seriously, it gets better and better every year as my kiddos get older and I can’t wait for a new son to join in on the fun next year!

And now, our Easter in pics…

The baskets before they were destroyed (and a good portion of the candy hidden away)…

A 6am wake up over Easter morning excitement…

Happy hearts…

Yep, Leila is wearing red lipstick…

They are so cute, though!

A partially successful family photo…

And of course, I’m now 29 weeks along in my 3rd pregnancy!

Yeah, it was a little bit windy that day. 🙂 In other news, if you want to live in pajama pants that aren’t technically pajama pants, I highly recommend those ones I’m wearing above! Seriously the most comfortable pants EVER and I got about 50 billion compliments on them. These ones from my favorite store, Target.

29 week pregnancy tid bits…

  • I’m so ready to be 30 weeks already. I just feel like I look like I’m at least 30 weeks now.
  • I pretty much dread getting dressed for work these days. Weekends are just fine, but work wear is tough.
  • Food hurts me. I’m at the point where I’m pretty much starving all the time, but fill up to the point of pain really quickly.
  • Going back and forth between days of utter excitement and days of terror over the birth of this little one.
  • Just got our awesome new car seat and stroller in the mail, so things are starting to feel real now!
  • Day dreaming about summer days spent at the lake, holding my newborn and watching my big kids play in the water.
  • Still going strong with The Bar Method! Only managing 1-2 workouts/week, but it feels so good when I do!
  • Looking forward to another ultrasound next week to check up on this little guy’s kidney and get some new pics of him. 🙂

All in all, still feeling pretty darn good. And now a little flashback to my last 2 (smaller) pregnancies…


Hope you had a wonderful Easter with your family! XOXO

When Doubt Creeps In

Yesterday was one of those days that made me question everything. You know how if your day doesn’t start off right or according to some semblance of normal it throws everything else off? Yeah, that. Now that Landon’s in a twin bed he will just walk down the hall and come pull the covers off of me yelling, “Get out!” to wake me up in the morning. While he usually sleeps until 6/6:30 (totally doable for me), yesterday he decided on 5am. Momma wasn’t having it. I carried him back to his bed where he proceeded to head butt me in the nose resulting in one of the worst bloody noses I have ever had. Landon won that one – I was wide awake after that.

So yeah, my day started off rough. Work was sub-par. The evening was tough. Third trimester exhaustion coupled with the 5am wake up had me wanting nothing more than to crash on the couch and watch some TV. Of course, when you have two kids to feed and bathe and a husband that works until 8pm, that can’t happen. My little Lando was also feeling the early morning effect (coupled with a crappy nap at daycare, I’m sure) and was a BEAST. He was throwing tantrums over the tiniest of things. I almost lost it.

As I was trying to get him in bed (he wasn’t having it) I was bombarded with self-doubt. I can’t do this. I’m not cut out for motherhood. How the heck am I going to survive having THREE kids? What did I get myself into? I let exhaustion and the fact that I couldn’t control my two-year-old defeat me. Logically, I know I’m a great mom, I know I’ll be just fine with three kids, and I know my kids love me. But in that moment, I doubted it all. Unfortunately, in parenthood we can’t avoid occasional days like this.

kiddos-1 kiddos-2

Fast forward to today. It’s a new day – a fresh start! And I didn’t have to wake up to a bloody nose. 🙂 The truth is, after the storm passes you appreciate the sunshine just a little bit more. My kids are my world. And my son is in the throws of the terrible twos. It will pass. These moments are fleeting. So, if you’re stuck in one of those no good, very bad, horrible days, take a deep breath. Push through. Before you know it, the sun will set and you will get a do-over.

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