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The Return of Me {15 weeks}

I’m back! After 14 weeks of losing myself to this pregnancy, suffering from the worst morning sickness I’ve ever had to deal with, I’m happy to report that I’m feeling like myself again. Hallelujah!

I am now 15 weeks along in my pregnancy with baby #3 and it’s time to start documenting it. With both of my other babes I started taking belly pics and recording my pregnancy at 15 weeks, so I plan to do the same with this one.


First, a little synopsis of the first trimester:

One word: HELL. From 6 weeks until around 14 weeks, I wanted to die. Not really, but there were moments that were so miserable I could hardly bear it. To sum it up, from the time I woke up until I went to sleep all I wanted to do was sleep and puke. All of my energy went to trying not to throw up while simultaneously either working or caring for my family. It was rough. The thought of food made me sick to my stomach, yet the only thing that kept the nausea at bay was constantly eating. In the middle of the night I would sometimes wake up just to vomit and then crawl back in bed. On more than one occasion I picked the kids up from daycare, grabbed some snacks out of the cupboard and lounged on the couch while they ate junk for dinner and watched TV. It really was survival mode for me. I don’t ever want to go through that again.

15weeks-1 15weeks-2

And now I am in the 2nd trimester. Oh how I love you second tri!!! Here’s what’s going on at 15 weeks:

  • Large and in charge. I’ve gained 10 lbs already and I am definitely bigger than I was with my other two at this point. Probably from having to eat constantly to keep the nausea at bay and the fact that I pretty much stopped working out for a while.
  • The “ring test” said I am having a boy, but this pregnancy is very similar to my first one with my daughter. I don’t really have a strong feeling one way or another at this point.
  • Cravings: salty, sour, spicy. Definitely not healthy cravings here. But, my sweet tooth is pretty much nonexistent which is bizarre. Still want nothing to do with coffee which is also very bizarre.
  • Baby’s heart rate was 150 and then 154 when we got to hear it.
  • Leila is already into kissing my belly and telling the baby that she loves him/her. And she took such great care of me when I was sick in the first tri. Can’t wait to see her become a big sis all over again.
  • Landon is clueless about everything.
  • I bought some Bar Method DVDs that I’ve been doing at home. Now that I’m feeling better I will probably get back in the studio this week.
  • Counting down the days until Feb when we get to find out our baby’s sex and start planning the bedroom situation in our house. Two bedrooms, three kids…

And now, just for fun, I’m including my side-by-side comparison from when Landon was in my belly at 15 weeks. This time around I’m 30 and pregnant with baby #3 so I don’t think a side-by-side is appropriate – for my own self esteem and sanity, ya know? 😉 I do love to see how my photography skills have improved over the years, though! Ha!


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  • Courtney @ One Fine Wire

    You look fabulous! I plan on doing a belly shot today too 🙂

    Man, I feel you with the sickness. This pregnancy has been completely different than Preston’s – I am STILL sick and nauseous. It’s exhausting. Lord, I hope it ends soon!

    • Praying that the nausea passes for you soon! I really hope you don’t have to deal with it for the long haul – it is seriously torture! Hang in there due date buddy. 🙂

  • Celeste @ Our Fabulous Life

    You look absolutely gorgeous! And I’m SO happy for you that you’re feeling better. I can’t even imagine being pregnant with little ones to look after…it seriously sounds like torture. But how sweet of Leila to help take care of you!

    • THANKS!!! Yep, the 1st tri is pretty much torture with subsequent kiddos. But, I survived! And in the end it’s totally worth it. 🙂

  • so glad you’re feeling better! you look great!

  • Lisa

    My official voting guess is in: GIRL (And I am 5 for 5 with my predictions ;)) You look adorable

    • I hope you’re right! I’d love another little girl and Leila is dying for a sister! But, having 2 little boys close in age would be pretty great, too. 🙂

  • I am so glad you are finally feeling better!!! I am in the middle of that rough patch right now and this remind me that it won’t last forever. I feel like a failure, always wanting to just lay on the couch and eat eat eat so I don’t feel sick. It isn’t good. So glad you are past it. You look great!! 🙂