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It just gets better and better.

Welp, another Christmas has come and gone. The few days after Christmas are some of the most depressing days of the year to me. It’s just sad to say goodbye to all of the festiveness and family time and anticipation, ya know? Sure, we have New Year’s and a fresh start to look forward to, but I’ve never been big on that. It’s just another thing that signifies how fast time is flying by – how fast my kiddos are growing up.

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Anyway, enough dumpiness! We had a most fantastic Christmas! And considering I slept through Christmas last year, I knew this one was going to be much better. In fact, every year since becoming a parent Christmas just seems to get better and better. There is nothing, NOTHING, like living vicariously through the excitement of your children on Christmas day. It is seriously better than being a kid yourself. So, so, so fulfilling.

Our Christmas was simple, yet perfect. I worked on Christmas Eve, but got off early to return to my family and a house full of deliciousness that my husband was cooking up. Both sets of grandparents came over for dinner that night along with Andy’s bro and his kids. Once the kiddos were all snug in their beds with visions of sugar plums dancing in their heads, the fun really began. I love playing Santa. I love stuffing the stockings and arranging the gifts perfectly. I love knowing that I’m creating a little bit of magic for my children to experience while they are young.

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On Christmas morning I actually awoke before the kids! I lounged in bed with the anticipation almost killing me, drifting back in and out of sleep until I heard little kicking sounds down the hall. I found Landon rolling around in his crib and after telling him, “Good morning! Guess what? It’s Christmas! Santa came!” he replied with a hearty, “HO! HO! HO!” 

Him and I got the joy of waking up sissy and daddy by jumping on them in bed. Then, we all went downstairs together to experience that first early morning Christmas joy. It really was magical and so much fun.

xmas2013-13 xmas2013-6 xmas2013-7 xmas2013-8 xmas2013-9 xmas2013-14

We were done opening presents by 8am and in the car and off to my hometown by 9. The rest of our day was spent with my family and Andy’s family out in the country. Usually I dread making the hour drive home, but with frost on the trees and Christmas tunes blasting, it was almost my favorite part of the day.

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My only regret about Christmas is not getting a family photo of the four of us together. This will be the last Christmas with just us. Next year there will be another little human completing our clan. It’s so crazy to think about. But, it gives me so much to look forward to and be thankful for in the new year as well.

I hope you had a magical and perfect Christmas day, too!

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  • Ashley Ponder Richards

    Oh you made me so excited for when Jack is older and understands things a little better. He is only one so I didn’t really have to play Santa. We even stayed at my parent’s house this year and then opened up Santa’s gifts when we got home. I know each year his excitement will grow. Super cute photos!

    • It seriously will get better each and every year! I bet Jack still had a lot of fun playing with the wrapping paper. 🙂 Thanks for commenting Ashley!

  • Your pictures are always so beautiful!

  • Kids on Christmas are sooo cute!!! Glad you enjoyed your day and that life keeps on getting better. That’s how it should be. : )

    • Yes, kids make Christmas that much better. 🙂 Hope you had a wonderful holiday, too!

  • Ugh, I SO feel you on the regret of not having a family photo. I missed so many photo ops while I was (yet again) busy living in the moment. But I’m so glad you had a great, relaxing Christmas!

    • And it’s so easy to get a family pic! I could have just handed my camera to someone or even set up the tripod while opening gifts. Oh well. 🙂

  • What beautiful photos and such a wonderful Christmas!! 🙂 I love the kids’ jammies. I agree, it is hard to say goodbye to Christmas. Always feels sad. But I think 2014 has some pretty awesome things ahead 🙂 So glad you had a great Christmas with your family!!

    • Yes, 2014 has some awesome things ahead for both of us! So, so, so happy for you. 🙂