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A year at the bar.

No, not that bar. 🙂 The Bar Method! I’ve been taking Bar Method classes for a year now! Next to my job and blogging, this is like the longest I’ve ever stuck with something – especially something fitness related. Go me!

Things I’ve learned in the past year of consistently exercising:

  • Our bodies can indeed get better with age if we work hard enough.
  • We’re all stronger than we think.
  • Excercise = Happiness.
  • While it’s hard to get started, exercise is easy once it becomes part of your routine.
  • Once you’re addicted to some form of fitness your body gets angry at you when you take a break.
  • Excercise = Confidence.
  • Investing in your health is WORTH IT.

Things I love about my time at the Bar Method:

  • I love feeling like I’m part of a community of strong, badass women (and some men).
  • I love that I can now do 30 push-ups on my toes and almost do the splits (you never know when you’ll need to know how to do the splits).
  • I love that I all-around feel better about myself in the past year – physically and mentally.
  • And, most of all, I love the reward of being able to indulge in treats because I “earned” it. 🙂

Now, I am far from a fitness nut. I still have days when I try to make excuses not to go. I still struggle a LOT with my diet (or lack thereof). But, I’ve made a 180 from where I was over a year ago, doing absolutely NOTHING for my body.

So, my message to you is this: DO SOMETHING. Find something fitness-oriented that you somewhat enjoy and DO IT. If that means cutting out an expense each month to be able to afford it, make it happen. If it means going on more walks in the evenings with your family, why not? Be active every now and then. I promise, you won’t regret it.

Pumpkins, pumpkins, everywhere!

On Landon’s actual birthday, Andy and I both skipped work and we took the kiddos to the pumpkin patch – an annual family tradition. We go to the same place every year and it is so sentimental to me because I remember being there with Leila on Landon’s due date, the anticipation of his arrival any day now at a peak. Everything about this season reminds me of that exciting time in my life.

Unlike some years when the fog gives an air of spookiness to the patch and the damp chill reaches your bones, this year we were blessed with blue skies and warmish weather. Such a nice treat!

If I’m being honest, I don’t like visiting the pumpkin patch for the pumpkins. I go for the memories and for the photo op, but mainly I go for these:

No joke: the BEST pumpkin donuts made right before your eyes. They friggin’ melt in your mouth. I’m tempted to make the 40 minute drive right this minute just to have one.

The kids had a blast running around freely in the great outdoors, checking out tractors and playing in the kid-sized log cabin they have. This year we didn’t pay  to ride the train or do the corn maze. Instead, we only bought some pumpkin donuts, one pumpkin, some apples, and enjoyed lots of free fun. So worth it.

And the only half way decent photo of me captured on that day? Well, this is it. I really wish I made more of an effort to get in pics with my kiddos.

After the pumpkin patch, we hit up Chuck E Cheese’s for some more birthday fun – just our little family of four. We were the ONLY ones there and it was a BLAST. I highly recommend hitting up the Cheese on a Monday afternoon. 🙂

Have you had a chance to engage in any fall fun this year? If you have a real pumpkin patch within a couple hours of your home, it’s worth the trip!


Call me crazy, but I just got struck with a lightning bolt of giddy excitement over all of the upcoming holidays. September and early October are always really rough for me because I have a tough time letting go of our short, sweet summers here in Washington. However, by the time the leaves turn colors and start falling off the trees, I start falling in love with the season, with where I live, and with the potential of an upcoming new year.

A switch went off in my head last weekend when I had 4 wonderful days off with my whole family. The weather was phenomenal and the autumn colors were at their peak. Bye-bye seasonal blues, hello happiness. We spent a ton of time outside taking advantage of our beautiful neighborhood and the sunshine. I was flooded with nothing but feelings of gratitude for where I am in my life at this exact moment.

Sometimes I’m too analytical. Sometimes I’m just a pointless dreamer. Sometimes I get stuck in ruts that I never get out of. Right now I’m just trusting the wind. Like a fallen leaf, I’ll let it blow me wherever I’m meant to go. In the mean time, I just want to be here now. With the people who love me the most, in a place I’m comfortable. And that’s ok.


Landon Drew is TWO!

Yep, today my baby boy turned TWO. The one who introduced me to the wild world of cars and trucks and loud noises and rowdiness. I love being a boy’s mom.

Normally my children’s birthdays are bittersweet for me. However, I am just so over that. Today I just felt excited and happy and ready for the next year of his life. Sure, a little part of me misses the needy baby in him, but I am loving this two-year-old boy I have now. Instead of mourning the past I’m really trying my hardest to just embrace the future: the next steps for them and the parental growth for me.

We had the perfect little birthday party for Landon yesterday. I’m telling you, a birthday party doesn’t need to be a dramatic, expensive production to be special. I came to the realization yesterday as to why some of us parents jump through hoops to plan and prep the perfect party for wee ones who probably won’t notice or even remember the little details. We do it for us. We do it because their birthday isn’t just a milestone for them, it’s a huge milestone for us as parents. So, while we only had a handful of close family over for dinner, I still took time to decorate and prepare (although on a much smaller scale compared to some of those pinterest-perfect mommies out there).

For you mommy’s like me who like a special birthday party without a lot of fuss, I want to direct you over to a fantastic Etsy shop I found! The shop is Simone Made It and it is full of predesigned printable party packages. I bought the Monster Birthday Party that came with invitations, banners, cupcake toppers/wrappers, water bottle labels and tons more. I paid $15 then instantly downloaded it, customized it in PDF, and printed it myself. So easy! That Simone has a ton of talent! As for Landon’s personalized monster shirt, I also snatched that up on Etsy from HERE and I would highly recommend.

Some fun facts about Landon Drew at age TWO:

  • FINALLY starting to talk a little more! Favorite words are: no, choc (for chocolate or candy), bacuum (vacuum), diddy (sissy), why (super why – his favorite show), more, all gone/done.
  • Favorite thing in the world? Nope, no longer the spatula. He is now obsessed with the vacuum. For his main b-day gift we found him an exact toy replica of our Dyson vacuum. He seriously had that thing with him ALL day today and I believe the batteries are just about dead. And yes, it really works! Ha!
  • Such a great eater and sleeper. I’m a happy momma.
  • He loves the Billy dog. Almost a little too much. He is constantly trying to “ride” Billy and give him hugs and kisses. Poor Billy. Billy is not a lover of children, but he puts up with him so well.
  • He also loves his Aden & Anais swaddling blankets. His “bankies” that he always snuggles up with when sleepy.
  • Like his daddy, he’s obsessed with cooking. He HAS TO be attached to my hip at all times when I’m making dinner or doing anything in the kitchen or else flashes of the terrible two’s come out.
  • My chunky monkey baby is totally thinning out. He’s super tall, but getting skinny! Like we can still put him in pants he wore one year ago when he was a chunk (back then we just rolled them up). Ha!
  • Landon has a little bounce in his step. Literally, this kid skips and hops everywhere. He can’t help put make you smile. I love him so.

Landon, you are my little prince charming. I am so, so, so proud of you already and you’re only two! I can’t wait to see what you accomplish in this life because I already see your insane potential. You are so sweet and gentle while being extremely outgoing and friendly. I love you so much and can’t imagine how I ever existed without you.

Thoughts on “Stuff” (& my fall wish list)

Life isn’t about material possessions. I get that. But I, like so many others, have occasionally fallen in to the trap of believing it is. We find ourselves trying to keep up with the Joneses, sometimes to the point of questioning whether we want a certain item because we truly like it or because everyone else has it. Am I right?

Take all things chevron for example. At first I thought it was silly. I thought, “why the heck are people so obsessed with a simple zig-zag pattern?” And then, the more I saw it everywhere, the more I thought, “Hey, that’s cute! I want that chevron maxi skirt with the matching chevron curtain panels!” Somehow I was brainwashed into thinking I loved all things chevron just because I saw so much of it! Never did end up purchasing anything in that pattern except for a sale crib sheet from Target.

Our society, our peers, and our surroundings shape a lot of our desires and it isn’t always a bad thing! I don’t think wanting “things” means you are a bad person. Sometimes owning something special really can make you happy. Take my favorite pair of boots for example. I splurged on them, but they are proving to be worth every penny because they make me smile and they make me feel good whenever I wear them. Yes, they are just made of leather and rubber and fabric and nothing that really matters in the grand scheme of life, but they are good for my soul.

In the end, I would quickly give up all of my clothes and toys and makeup and belongings in a heart beat for my family and friends. But, I don’t think any of us should feel guilty for wanting nice things for ourselves as long as our hearts are in the right place and we’re wanting it for us and not because it’s “cool.”

Speaking of wanting things, here’s what I’m drooling over right now. And with my 30th birthday quickly approaching, I’m thinking I may just deserve something special (oh, if only I didn’t have such expensive taste!)…

1. Kate Spade Cobble Hill Little Murphy Handbag
Oh how I drool over this bag. Too bad it comes in at a whopping $398.

2. A Full Frame DSLR like the Canon 6D
I am pretty much becoming obsessed with photography. I’ve had three newborn shoots in the past few months and I can’t get enough of it. Now that all of my friends have had their babies I need to start taking pics for people I don’t know. However, I still have a ton to learn and I want a real professional grade camera before becoming a professional. 🙂

3. A 50mm f/1.4 Lens (or another badass prime lens)
Right now I mainly shoot with my 50mm f/1.8 (the “nifty fifty”). While I love it, and it was affordable, I’ve heard the 1.4 really steps it up a notch in terms of the focus you get.

4. Sam Edelman ‘Lucca’ Bootie
I’m currently on a mission for some cute booties. Funny because booties are one of the things I was brainwashed into liking. Always thought they were funny looking until I started seeing so many people rocking them! And now I really do like them. I love the buckle details on this pair!

5. Candy Kirby Designs Women’s Infinity Scarf
I am OBSESSED with Erin’s (from Candy Kirby Designs) watercolor ikat fabric and I love that she’s using it for infinity scarves! I love me some bright colors and I pretty much wear a scarf every day in the fall/winter.

6. Eufora Shampoo & Conditioner
Wanna know my haircare secret? I don’t have one. I’m a cheap super market shampoo kinda gal. I buy a new brand each time I run out. My co-worker has been raving about this Eufora shampoo and she finally brought me in the last of her bottle to try. What a difference in my hair! I really want to splurge on some but I just struggle with spending $20+ on shampoo!

7. New sunglasses like these Ray-Ban Aviators
Wanna learn something about me? I’ve never spent more that $15 on a pair of sunglasses. I’ve went through four, yes four, pairs this summer between losing them and Landon breaking them. I think it’s just about time I bite the bullet and splurge on a pair that I’m actually invested in taking care of!

8. A “mood light” like this Lightphoria Energy Light
With the seasonal affective disorder taking grips on me every now and then I really want to give light therapy a try. I think blasting this bad boy on while I work on the computer late at night would really help me. Anyone have any experience with one of these lights?

What are you lusting after lately? 

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