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Doing It All

Even though I’m a very logical person, sometimes I still find myself getting swept up in the idea that some people really can “do it all.” They run their own businesses, keep an immaculately clean Pinterest-worthy house, and have adorable children who are perfectly put together, wearing the latest trendy-tot clothing. Pretty sure this is all part of the blogland-instagram-pinterest phenomenon. You know, the one where all you see are a bazillion photos of picture perfect lives that after a while you become brainwashed into believing that is how life really looks.

I have an admission to make. I have been guilty of putting out beautiful and happy photos and posts in times when my world is so far from perfect. I wonder if people see those things and think, “she’s got it made!,” because I know I have thought that SO many times after getting glimpses into other people’s lives. We post the happy and the beautiful because that is what we want to remember. And it really is a wonderful thing. It just isn’t the whole picture most of the time, ya know?


Right now I’m a busy momma. I’m working and writing and trying to focus only on my children during the precious hours that I get with them. This means that my house is pretty much always a cluttered mess and my brain is even more cluttered. My husband and I hardly ever spend quality one-on-one time together. When we do, we usually have to “talk money” and get shiz done around the house. Yuck. I can’t even bother to take 5 minutes to make the bed each day.


I named my blog “Dreams To Do” because I wanted to become a person who actually does things instead of just wishing I could do things. I’ve discovered over the last couple of years that yes, I can do more, and I am! But I’ve also discovered that it is impossible to do it all. Some things in life have to suffer to make room for other more important things. And that’s OK!


I’m happy with my perfectly imperfect life. There’s clutter and chaos (and cute kids who aren’t even wearing clothes half the time) and I’m learning to accept it just the way it is.


Battling Working Mom Guilt


I’ve learned a lot in my 4 years of mommyhood (and there’s a TON I’m still learning). Choosing to return to work has lead me on a wild rollercoaster ride of emotions. It was an extremely rocky start for me, but I’ve really grown into my role as working mother and I’ve figured out ways to handle the guilt and heartache that sometimes accompanies it.

Today, I am super-duper excited to have an article published up on the What To Expect website! I don’t know about you, but What To Expect When You’re Expecting was my bible throughout my first pregnancy. Pinching myself that my writing is up on their site!

Please take a minute to check out Waging The Battle Between Working and Staying at Home, a story of my return to work after having Leila and how I’ve learned to cope with the working mom guilt. Hope you enjoy! 


Some light reading…

Happy Hump Day! I’m a little sad that I’ve been neglecting my blog more than usual lately, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been busy writing away! I hope you are already following along with my posts on Daily Mom, but if you aren’t, here’s a list of what’s been published recently…


So, you may be wondering, how does she get all of this done with two kids and a full time job? I’m not going to lie, it isn’t easy! I am one busy woman these days. But ya know what? I love it. I love feeling productive. I love writing informative posts that people are actually reading. Yes, I watch a lot less TV these days, but I don’t miss it. Sure, I wish I could go to bed a little bit earlier sometimes, but ya win some, ya lose some. 🙂

PS – You can keep tabs on all of my writing over at Daily Mom HERE. XOXO

Split Realities

After my last post, it was only appropriate that I return to the place I spent my childhood for a couple of days. Acres and acres of God’s creation, mostly untouched and unscathed.


I’m grateful I have this perspective. Growing up in the boonies (aka the middle of nowhere), has given me a lot to compare my current reality to. Nothing is better to me than living in the city, 5 minutes from downtown, a short walk to the grocery store and coffee shop. I love knowing that everything is in reach. But when I return to the country, I realize that a piece of my heart never left. I really see God there. I realize how funny our digital lives our, our obsession with all things Pinterest and Instagram. In the country I focus on the smells, the quiet, the peace.


Nothing gives me greater pleasure than watching my kiddos run free in the great outdoors. It is the one thing I truly feel proud of as a parent – exposing them to mother nature. TV, iPad time, playing with my phone? All things that leave me with a tinge of guilt in the pit of my stomach. But some good quality time digging in the dirt and throwing rocks? Why don’t I let them do these things more often?

chewelah-6 chewelah-2 chewelah-1

I hope you all have the chance to connect with nature every now and then. Whether you have kids or not, taking time to really disconnect with the do-do-do & go-go-go of your current reality is so important. Find a park or a beach with little activity and just be. So, so good for the soul.

My First Memories

I feel extremely blessed that when I reflect back on my childhood, I get flooded with happy memories (for the most part). I grew up in a 100 year old cottage out in the woods with parents who struggled to make ends meat and hated each other most of the time. Regardless, I only really remember the happy moments (until puberty kicked in, that is). It’s a great reminder to me that even though I didn’t have a fancy house or a lot of money or even a great relationship example in front of me, I still grew up loving life and ended up in a place I am proud of. We don’t need to be given the world to be happy.


In terms of my very first childhood memories, nothing epic stands out. Here are a few flashes that pop into my head every now and then…

  • I remember tugging on my momma’s pant leg in the kitchen and then running to the couch and sticking my legs up in the air to get my diaper changed. No joke.
  • I remember getting my photo taken on Santa’s lap when I was 2 years old. My mom and the woman behind the camera were making funny faces at me and doing everything to try to make me smile. I literally remember feeling embarrassed and wondering why the heck they were acting so weird. I kept a stone cold face for that year’s pic.
  • I remember getting left at the ski hill’s daycare center while my parents and brothers went skiing. I had just became potty trained and I remember having to poo SO bad, but being too scared to ask the daycare teacher for help. I bet you know what ended up happening. Yep, I pooped my pants. Nobody noticed until we got all the way home and I told my mom. I remember feeling super happy to be home and getting changed into clean clothes. Random, huh?!

With memories like these, I’m wondering what long term memories my kiddos are already forming! Ha! Besides these vivid flashes, I have many fond memories of playing out in the woods for hours on end, riding my bike down bumpy dirt roads and making mud pies, and eating dinner on TV trays while the whole family watched TV (we never once sat around the table and ate family dinners together, but I’m ok with that). In the summer we spent lots of time at the lake and river with annual trips to visit family in California. In the winters we skiied together. While I would never want to raise my kids in the home I grew up in or for them to have to deal with the struggles my parents went through, I hope they end up with even half the happy memories I have of growing up.

Is that me or Leila? 😉


A big THANKS and shout out to my friend Becky from A Lazy Crazy Life for the blog post prompt! I’m passing through a little episode of writer’s block this week, so I posted on my Facebook page for idea suggestions. (Don’t worry Megan, I’ll get my DIY on soon!)

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