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The Only Workout You’ll Ever Regret is the One You Didn’t Do

The last week has really thrown me for a loop. Between work insanity, a glutonous holiday, the stomach flu, and Leila’s birthday, my schedule and consistency in life has flown out the window. Today marked my 1st day back at work after 5 days off. It also marked my first workout in over a week (unless you count chasing kids around Chuck E. Cheese’s while stuffing my face with pizza “working out”).

Not gonna lie, when I’m not working out, I don’t miss it. It actually doesn’t even cross my mind that I’m not getting any excercise. However, when I do workout, I notice a drastic difference. I sleep better, I have more energy, and I generally just feel happier. I guess I haven’t felt that great over the past several days and maybe a lack of fitness (+ eating lots of crap food) is to blame.

I took a Bar Method class over my lunch break today and I was not looking forward to it. After a week away, I figured I would struggle through class and in all honesty, I had settled back into my lazy ways and just wanted to veg out on my break. BUT, I went anyway. The phrase, “the only workout you’ll ever regret is the one you didn’t do” kept popping in my head (I think I saw it on Pinterest at one point or another). And ya know what? I DOMINATED that class! And it felt so GREAT! My body remembered what I could do and I actually felt more flexible and stronger than ever! I returned to work rejuvenated and ready to take on the day (whereas my first half of the day was spent wallowing in self-pity over having to be back in the office and away from my kiddos).

Post-workout iPhone camera fun. HUGE muscles, right? Ha!

So, why did I feel like taking the time to write this post today when my house is a post-birthday nightmare and our laundry has been neglected for about 2.5 weeks? Because today I realized how important fitness really is. I saw a 180 degree turn in my attitude and outlook on the day after spending a measly 60 minutes getting my sweat on. So worth it.

If you are someone who isn’t getting any consistent excercise (trust me, I’ve been there! I am SO not athletic!), I highly recommend changing that. Don’t just go to the gym and start lifting weights (unless that’s really what you want to do). Find something that appeals to you. Find something that isn’t painful for you to do. And if you can find something that you actually look forward to doing, even better. If you have to spend money (trust me, Bar Method classes are not cheap!) figure out ways you can cut costs elsewhere to afford it. The money spent on something you love that is GOOD for you is worth it. So, invest in the running shoes of your dreams, sign up for a group fitness class, or get that gym membership (and actually use it!) that you’ve been thinking about. In the words of Nike, JUST DO IT!

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  • Melissa Corby

    Is your phone case a collage of photos of your kiddos? It looks just like mine! 🙂 Miss you, friend!

    • YES! It’s from Castagram. Won it in an Instagram contest. 🙂 Love it! Miss you!

  • Good for you! You look fantastic!! 🙂 I can easily go without working out and not miss it at all.. well I could before I got a fitbit. Now I don’t really workout still but am walking and moving SO much more because I can actually ‘see’ when I am being lazy!

    • Thanks Fiona! I need one of those! PS – I hope things are looking up for you! XOXO

  • I needed to read this today!! I have been such a slacker. I honestly hate “working out”. But recently I did find an american dance aerobics class that I love. I usually can only go twice a week, but I always love how I feel afterword.

    • Hey, twice a week is awesome for a busy momma! That class sounds totally fun!