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Okay, I get it: The fitness craze

I spent my childhood running around the great outdoors. In middle school I played volleyball because all of my friends did. In high school I focused in on art and studying my butt off. And then I became a couch potato. Seriously, when people asked me what my hobbies were, the first thing that popped into my head was “watching TV.” But of course, that’s not what I would respond with.

Over the years I’ve experienced several bouts of “working out,” but nothing has really stuck. I’d get fired up for a couple of weeks, maybe a month and then I would fizzle out. It just wasn’t fun to me. I craved something active that I actually enjoyed (besides hiking and snowboarding which aren’t exactly easy to do on a daily basis).

So, I’ve never believed all the hype that living an active lifestyle = less stress, more energy, more happiness. I never believed it because I never had experienced it.

But, I have now.

Back in November I started working out a little bit. And then in December I added on a little more. And now I am getting at least 4 solid hours of fitness in every week. This is in addition to loading the kids in and out of the car and picking up a slew of scattered toys all over our house every night. That’s a lot of exercise for a full-time working mom with two kids!!! One of my big excuses for not working out in the past was that I didn’t have time. But ya know what? Exercising consistently has given me more energy than I’ve ever had before. I used to hardly be able to keep my eyes open at 10pm and now I have to make myself get ready for bed. It’s fabulous! I’m able to stay up a little bit later and get things done that I never “had time for” before.

Coming from a past certified couch potato, I’m telling you that making time to exercise is SO worth it. But more importantly, you have to find something active that you actually LIKE doing. Don’t settle. You shouldn’t feel like you’re forcing yourself to work out. You should do it because you actually WANT to. It took me a long time to find something I like as much as the Bar Method and I’m sure it is different for everyone. But, it’s true what they say: you get to a point where it becomes an addiction – a very good addiction.

It’s Not About Being The Best,
It’s About Being Better Than You Were Yesterday


So, it feels SUPER awkward for me to post these pics of myself. I hate doing it. But ya know what? I have never felt better about the way I look than I do now. And if I can inspire someone else to get active, then it’s worth it.

When you drop your iPhone in the toilet…

I learned a very important life lesson this week that I would like to share with all of you:

Don’t put your cell phone in the back pocket of your jeans. Why? When you go to pull down your pants to use the toilet it will fall in said toilet. Duh.

I bet you’re wondering how I learned this critical lesson, aren’t you. 😉

I’ll skip the long story and just go straight to yet another life lesson I learned:

If you do drop your cell phone in the toilet (or any body of water for that matter), take the following actions immediately:

  1. Retrieve your precious device as fast as you feasibly can and dry it off.
  2. If your phone fell in the toilet, use a Clorox wipe or some anti-bacterial hand sanitizer to disinfect it.
  3. Fill a Ziploc baggie with WHITE rice and bury your sad little friend in the rice.
  4. Wait at least 24 hours for the rice to work its magic on your water-damaged phone. You may have to leave it in there for a couple of days, though.


This really works, people! My phone went under water Sunday evening and after 36 hours in the rice she regained full function. I tested her after 12 hours in and the touch screen wasn’t working. I could see people calling and texting me, but I had no way to answer – I felt so lost! But, as of this afternoon SHE’S BACK!  Can’t wait to pay instagram a visit after my little unintentional break. 🙂

Best friends forever…

Oh, and one more important piece of advice since I’m on such a roll… Buck up and pay the $10/month insurance plan on your phone so you don’t have to panic like me when you drop it in the toilet. Lesson learned. I lucked out this time.

Another Makeover: The Office

My blog isn’t the only aspect of my life to get a little update lately. This past weekend I finally got around to giving our office/playroom space a little makeover. Those of you who have been following my blog for a while may remember that this was on my get-done-before-baby-arrives list when I was pregnant with Landon! Yep, perfect example of my battle with procrastination.

So, our office is not pretty. It is a wood paneled room that has this crazy colorful stripped carpet tile flooring. While I would LOVE to ditch the wood and get some new carpet, that just hasn’t made the cut in our budget. So, instead I just bought some new curtains, a new lamp, a white fluffy rug, a mirror, and a new white shelving unit – all things to brighten the space up a little. Still to do: a new desk (white!) and a new chair (I’m thinking a bright color, like yellow).

Our office/playroom BEFORE (yikes!):

Our office/playroom AFTER:
Still need to get some photos up in that frame on the wall!




Suttle changes, but such a huge difference in the overall feel of the space – I actually enjoy being in there now! I also came up with a clever curtain solution that I’d like to share with you. The windows in our office are 36″ wide, so one standard 54″ curtain panel would cover them perfectly. BUT, I wanted a panel to hang on either side of the window for a balanced look. When I went to Target, I purchased two 54″ panels instead of four and just cut them in half. Here’s what I did…


  1. Fold curtain in half hot dog style (Ha!) and cut along the fold.
  2. Fold the raw edge of each panel under about 1/2″ and iron it flat.
  3. Glue down your folded edge with the ever-amazing Liquid Stitch fabric glue.
  4. Enjoy your new beautiful curtain-framed windows.

So, in the end I saved myself $40 by buying two panels instead of four. Love it!

The best part about my little office update is what’s going on behind the scenes. I took everything out of our drawers and file cabinet and re-organized. I shreaded documents and created new folders (like one for Landon, who still didn’t have his own file). You don’t even know how good this feels. It seems like I’m on a little bit of a makeover roll… I’m thinking I’ll do my hair next and then maybe tackle the basement mess. 🙂

Have any of you taken on any organizational projects in this new year?

My 1st wordpress post + thoughts on this here blog…

Two years ago I was in a rut. I was feeling down on myself for not doing more with my life. Sure, I had a job that I liked, a wonderful husband, and a beautiful baby, but in terms of myself, I wasn’t satisfied. I wanted to start holding myself accountable for doing more – for going for my little dreams. Enter blogging. Dreams To Do was born and a new, improved version of me was born along with it. This new me isn’t as lazy, or as scared to try new things. She’s still a dreamer who struggles with procrastination, but she’s also much more of a do-er.

This blog has brought me so much happiness. It’s my place to just be me – the place where I can just “write it out” and put all of my hopes, and thoughts, and life’s little moments out there into the universe. It’s a place where hopefully someday my children will be able to get an outsider’s perspective on who mommy really is. It’s where I’ve met new friends and joined a community of awesomeness beyond my wildest dreams. It may all sound cheesy, but at this point I can’t imagine my life without blogging.

So what’s next for my little corner of the web? Well, first of all she has a new home and a new look. I’ve made the switch from Blogger to a self-hosted WordPress blog. Why? I’m planning for the future. I want my blog to live somewhere where I own EVERY aspect of it – where I have complete control over every little detail. Someday I would love to launch a business off of this blog. Maybe a jewelry line. Maybe an ebook (or two). Maybe something else. So, I might as well have my little ole blog living somewhere that I can grow and change easily in the future.

Bye-bye cute little Blogger blog…

So, since I’m on WordPress now, I won’t be using GFC for my blog any more. If that’s how you followed along with me before, I’m not sure how this will affect you. I hope that if needed, you will consider subscribing to my RSS feed (HERE) or choose to get my posts delivered by email (HERE). I really don’t want to lose any of you loyal readers! Let me know if you need any help. I would also love your feedback if you are having trouble connecting to my blog, seeing any posts, or if you run into any broken links. Switching blog hosts is not an easy task!

Thank you so much to all of my bloggy supporters out there! LOVES!

Making me happy…

I am currently getting caught up in another whirlwind week of my life and don’t have enough brain power in me to compose much of a meaningful blog post. I just thought I’d share a few things that are making me happy this week (idea from one of my fave inspirational bloggers/my Australian soul sister, the lovely Rachel MacDonald of In Spaces Between)

>>> Ipsy January Glam Bag


You guys, Ipsy is so much FUN! I just got my January glam bag in the mail yesterday and it made my week. If you haven’t heard of it yet, it’s a beauty box subscription ($10/month) where you get 5 beauty products in a cute bag sent to your house each month. I’ve also tried Birchbox and let me tell you, Ipsy is SO much better. You don’t get little foil packet samples or vials of perfumes that you could just pick up at any major department store, you get at least 2 full sized products. My fave from this month’s bag were the Josie Maron 100% Argon Oil ($10 value in itself!) and the Pacifica Tuscan Blood Orange Body Butter (best smell EVER). I also got an eyeliner brush, bright red nail polish (full size!), and Big Sexy Hair Spray. Good stuff. FYI – unlike other beauty box subscriptions, there are no rewards for referrals, so I get nothing if you sign up. 🙂

>>> Private Pinterest Boards


A little while back Pinterest rolled out private pin boards where you can pin to your heart’s content without any of your followers (or strangers) seeing what you pin. Have you used one yet? It’s pretty handy dandy. My friend Katie & I just set one up for our friend’s baby shower that we’re throwing (I guess ya get a tiny sneak peek, Kelly!) and it’s so much fun! Her & I can pin away without Kelly or anyone else seeing what we’re up to. Sneaky. Great for party planning and gift ideas.

>>> Bar Method 60-Day Challenge


I am still going strong at the Bar Method! This week my local studio launched a 60-day challenge – we took measurements and wrote down our physical and personal goals to accomplish in the next 60 days. I am committing to taking 4 classes/week with a goal of attaining bikini confidence before our March trip to Hawaii. 🙂 And, I also want to be able to do the splits (front to back) and complete full sets of push-ups on the balls of my feet (right now I usually end up switching to knees half way through). I can do it! Honestly, I’ve never felt better than I do right now in my life – I’m officially a Bar Method addict! Who woulda thunk it?

>>> Photography Class


A while back I bought a Groupon for a month long course through Flying Photo School. I’m finally knocking off another Dream To Do by actually taking the class! The hubby and I are half way through “Digital 101” where we are learning to take our pics in manual mode. I’m happy to report that I now fully understand white balance, ISO, and shutter speed! We’ll be learning about aperture next. I’ve always loved taking pics and I can’t wait to take my photography to the next level. Now if only I could afford a better camera lens…

>>> My New Blog Design (coming soon!)

Sorry, no sneak peek at this one. 🙂 In the next 24 hours, I will be attempting to transfer my blog over to WordPress. I’m excited for a cleaner, “more me” blog design and a blog home that is 100% mine where I have all of the rights and control. I’m hoping I can figure this thing out on my own. I’m asking you to bear with me over the next couple of days as I get everything situated. We’ll see if it all works out by my next post! Please, please, please let me know if anything funky happens on your end. Thanks in advance!

Hoping you all are having HAPPY and productive week! What’s making you happy this week?

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