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Get me outta here!


Wowzer, what a week. TGIF! Work has been crazy and my mind has been driving me even crazier. Remember how I posted about craving some change, something to look forward to? Well, that feeling is still here and my brain has been in overdrive trying to come up with a brilliant idea for my life.

The fact that I’ve been stuck in a claustrophobic office this week while the Summer weather has finally arrived doesn’t help matters. I want to go to the pool with my kiddos! And take a nap on a soft blanket under a shady tree! In other words, I want the freedom to do as I please. But doesn’t everyone?

My current Dream To Do that I’m focusing on, along with figuring out my passion in life, is coming up with a genius idea that will allow me to work very little and make a decent amount of money. Ha! I know, I know… isn’t that everyone’s goal? But I’m dead serious. I haven’t even been able to sleep well at night because I’m brainstorming ideas non-stop. So far, no such luck.

Instead, I’m stuck with the same ole routine: wake, get myself & kids ready, daycare, work, lunch, work, daycare, home, dinner, bedtime routines, blog/relax, sleep. And then I do it all over again.

How I’m feeling…

I’m hoping by putting this out there something brilliant will magically pop into my head. OR, if any of you have any great business ideas and want a partner, I may be interested. 😉

Wise Words Wednesday: Clouds

“Clouds come floating into my life, no longer to carry rain or usher storm, but to add color to my sunset sky.” ~ Rabindranath Tagore


Lately I’ve been looking up at the clouds a lot. First of all, there have been some amazing displays in the Spring/Summer skies. Second, I find a good moment spent gazing up into the sky very therapeutic. I mean, if you really think about it, clouds are amazing. The sky is amazing. It is physical proof that there are things SO much bigger and greater in this world than our measly little day-to-day problems. A good cloud gaze can really help put your life in perspective.

Just Write {A Moment in the Sun}

This past Sunday brought with it a few minutes that I will remember forever. It wasn’t so much about what happened, but more about the feelings I felt.

The day was boring. I was home alone with the kiddos, catching up on laundry and cleaning, and hoping that the sunshine would eventually beat out the dark, thunderous clouds. Miraculously, I got both kids down for a nap at the same time and the sky opened up and Summer appeared. For approximately 5 minutes I was able to relax out on our back porch, my face turned up towards the sun. Ahhhhhhh….

Lost in my thoughts, I was brought back to reality by the sound of a little wimper coming over the baby monitor. I sighed and headed indoors and up the stairs to where I found a little girl in a wrinkled sun dress sitting on the top step. With matted frizzy hair and sleep still in her eyes she gave me a smile and reached out to me. I scooped her up comfortably on my left hip and she rested her head on my shoulder. Down the stairs we went.

“Leila, do you want a snack?”


“Would you like something to drink?”


“Do you want to sit in the sun with Mommy?”

“Yeah, ok.”

So out we went. In my favorite outdoor swivel chair I reclined back, facing the bright sun with my girl curled up on my lap, her ear to my heart.  I closed my eyes. Birds chirped happily in the trees above us and the sound of a circus melody flowed from an ice cream truck in the distance. Just as the sun was feeling a little too warm, a soft breeze came to the rescue.

All of sudden, out of nowhere, I was overcome with the most pure, honest joy and love. I had a flash back to when I was little and I wanted nothing more than for my baby doll to be real. My mom would tell me to enjoy my childhood, that someday I would get to be a mom when I was big like her. And here I am. I’m pretty sure the goofiest grin spread across my face. I just felt so blessed and so content and so happy.  At that instant there were no troubles in my life. In that moment in the sun, I caught a glimpse, a feeling, of what life is all about.

A few minutes later, Leila snapped out of her groggy post-nap state and proceeded to run around the yard while “Ga Ga Ga, Da Da Da!” boomed out of the moniter. Panic set in as I frantically tried to hold on to my moment, to bottle up what I was feeling so that I could some how take a little sip of it every now and then.

Even now as I write this it is hard for me to remember exactly what I felt, but I know it exists and that’s all that matters.

Monthly DIY: Camera Strap Cover

I love all of the cute, padded camera strap covers that I’ve been seeing around the world wide web lately. I’ve wanted to purchase one and/or make one, but I’ve put it off because the hubby and I share the camera and I’m guessing that he wouldn’t want to rock a ruffled cover with cute little flower rosettes on the end. Since I needed a little DIY project for June, I decided to just go for it and make one with fabric that isn’t too girly (and unfortunately no ruffles or rosettes).

That little polka dot thingy? Yeah, that’s a lens cap pocket. Sweetness.

So, this isn’t going to be a tutorial because honestly, I am not a seamstress and I don’t believe in patterns. I literally just wing it when it comes to sewing. That being said, here’s the general gist of what I did…

Fabrics used:

  • Apple green soft minky fabric for one side
  • Black swirly fabric for the other side
  • Green & black dot fabric for the lens cap pocket
  • Thin quilt batting to line it – makes it a little bit padded and more comfy
The gist of what I did (in photos):








Basically, I cut out my fabric a bit wider and longer than my strap, sewed the edge of my pocket to give it a nice finished look, stacked all of the pieces together then sewed one edge, opened it up and ironed it flat then sewed the ends under,  and finally sewed the final edge shut… placing my strap inside just to make sure I was making it the correct width. Finally, I turned it right side out, gave it one last iron and put that bad boy on my strap.

In the end, I’m happy with it. Is it the prettiest camera strap cover? Nope. And I could have made it a little bit longer (there’s a definite downside to not measuring or using a pattern).

If you are interested in making one, I will say that it is a super easy and quick project to take on… even for a non-seamstress like me. If you’re into step-by-step instructions or patterns for sewing, I’m sure there are a TON of camera strap cover tutorials out there – just hit up Google. And if you don’t have to share your camera with your hubby, maybe you can make one with ruffles and pretty flower rosettes. 😉

8 Months

My love for this little guy is growing more and more each day. I can’t believe he’s already 8 months old.



All about Landon Drew at 8 months…

  • Getting cuter and cuter every day.
  • Night time still sucks around here. Lately Landon has been waking up every couple of hours and it is painful. We were thinking maybe it was reflux/tummy troubles since it seems to have gotten worse since starting solid foods. Took him to the doc for some reflux meds which don’t seem to help, so I don’t think that’s the problem. Any good sleep training book recommendations out there?
  • On the flip side, during the day he is ALL smiles… you say “smile” and he says “how big?” 🙂
  • Weight: approximately 22-23 lbs (still a BIG guy!)
  • Landon is becoming more and more active. He isn’t quite crawling (he actually still hates to be on his tummy), but he will get on all fours and rock (until he falls on his belly and cries for help). Usually he just sits on his booty and somehow manages to scoot himself to whatever he is after.
  • Favorite things to play with? A set of coasters and a sprinkler head replacement that Andy bought for the backyard, but never used. He could care less about all the bright fancy toys we have.
  • His eczema is getting worse. We have two different steroid cream prescriptions (but only use when absolutely necessary). We will probably do some allergy testing if it isn’t looking any better by the time he’s one.
  • This boy loves to eat – SHOCKER! 😉 He just had some hamburger for the 1st time today and I swear I couldn’t feed it to him fast enough (almost ate my finger off)! We’ll see how this affects his sleep tonight.
  • His eyes are still the bluest blue. He’s destined to be a lady killer.
  • Bath time is still his favorite part of the day. He just splashes and splashes and smiles and smiles. And then he splashes water in his sissy’s eyes causing her to cry and he smiles some more. Ha!
  • I couldn’t ask for a better baby (minus the sleep issue). He really is a gift from God.




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