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DIY Fail ~ Cold ~ WINNER

Maybe you could tell by my Friday post that I was expecting unicorns and rainbows this past weekend. Well, for the most part it wasn’t too bad, but I had a couple stingers bring it down.

First of all…today’s post was going to be a break down of my April DIY project – bubble magnets. It’s not that I didn’t complete said project, it’s just that they didn’t turn out quite how I had hoped.


Regardless, I am proud of myself for giving it a go, but super bummed that I can’t share that little project with you at this time. I will be giving it another try this weekend (tweaking some things) and will have them down to a perfect, and easier, art. 🙂

Secondly, our furnace broke. We had 80 degree weather last week so no prob, right? WRONG. It dropped down to nearly freezing the last couple of nights so our house has been COLD. And I am NOT a fan of the cold.

Okay, enough whining. Other than those two setbacks, every thing was fab! Here are some happy weekend pics…

The tulips in our back yard bloomed!

Mmmmmm, carrots.

“I’m gonna get you Landon!”

And he’s down.

Ha Ha! Those last two kill me.

More happy news? Congrats to the winner of the Jungle Roo Cloth Diaper Giveaway ~ TRACY! If your name is Tracy, check your email girl. 🙂

Want some more random tid-bits? Well, you’re getting them:

1. My little Lando gets his helmet today. I’m nervous. I hope he takes to it well. I will share pics soon. (Check my FB & Twitter tonight for sure.)

2. I have another giveaway coming your way in the next couple days. I’m just putting that out there because I know some people get irritated with giveaways and I want ya to know that I have no plans of becoming a blogger who gives something away every day or even every week. This will be the last one I have planned until something super cool comes my way.

Hope you all had a stupendous weekend & wishing you a wondrous week ahead! {Rainbows + Sunshine + Unicorns}

Monthly DIY: Photo Bubble Magnets

I’ve always had an obsession with magnets. Okay maybe not always, but I know that as soon as I had my own fridge I started collecting them. In our last apartment, before we purchased our home, our fridge was so out-of-control cluttered that the hubby finally had to put a stop to it before we moved into our nicer home. Now, most of my magnet collection is hidden in an office drawer somewhere…. but, not these ones!

I’ve been wanting to make my own bubble/marble magnets for a while now and finally did it!  I ventured off to Hobby Lobby for supplies the other week, not really knowing exactly what I was going to get. I ended up leaving with the supplies to make two different magnet versions. Here we go…

Scrapbook Epoxy Sticker Bubble Magnets

What I used:

  • 1″ round magnets
  • 1″ clear bubble scrapbook epoxy stickers
  • E-6000 craft glue
  • Contact sheet print-outs of photos via Picasa (on plain ole printer paper)
What I did:
  • I peeled off a bubble sticker and stuck it on top of a photo I wanted to use

High Five for FRIDAY!

What a GREAT week this has been! I just lurrrrvvve FRIDAY!

Highlights of my week…

1.  Spring cleaning day with my Hubby! Yesterday, Andy & I played hooky…we dropped the kids off at daycare, skipped out on work, and spent the day DOMINATING our house. Cleaned the basement, got caught up on laundry (aren’t you excited, you won’t have to hear me whine about it for at least another week!), organized the pantry, & took a crap load of goods to Goodwill. A huge weight has lifted off my shoulders.

2. Reconnecting with my Hubby. With Andy & I both working full time & him having to work the weekends lately, we haven’t gotten any quality one-on-one time for a while. Yesterday, after the cleaning was done and before we picked up the kiddos, we had a super yummy lunch date at a beautiful restaurant, followed by some shopping – just the two of us! I love that my hubby loves to shop, too!


3. SUNSHINE! I’ve said it before, the sunshine makes me SUPER happy! It has been the icing on the cake this week (even though yesterday was rainy… which actually worked out well for being inside and cleaning all day).

4. My first blog giveaway. I never thought I’d get into doing giveaways here, but it has been fun for me to see new visitors coming to my little ole blog. 2 more days to enter if you haven’t yet!


5. A new baby! Two of my high school friends had their first baby together on Wednesday – Easton Michael (don’t ya love the name?)! It was super exciting because they didn’t know if they were having a boy or a girl. I can’t wait to meet him! Hopefully him and Landon will grow up being close friends – they’re only 6 months apart!

I hope you all have a fabulous Friday and an amazing weekend! I will be getting my craft on for my April DIY project (meant to do it this week, but I’m a procrastinator), taking Leila to gymnastics, going to a 2 year olds b-day party, and just trying to keep my sanity juggling the 2 kiddos while my Hubby works.

Linking up with Lauren today!

Malibu Mojito Recipe

So, ya know how I talked about making mojitos in my last post? Well, I totally forgot to mention that I changed things up a bit this time and used Malibu Coconut Rum instead of the plain ole stuff. It ROCKED my world! Thought I’d share with you how I make a quick single serve mojito. Warning: I don’t believe in measuring things.



  • Malibu Coconut Rum
  • Club Soda
  • Lime
  • Some mint leaves
  • Sugar
  • A straw (to avoid drinking the mint leaves)


What ya do:

  • Cut your lime up in slices and squeeze them into a fancy glass (I swear it tastes better if it is in a pretty cup). For the glass pictured above, I used 1/2 a lime. Drop the squeezed out slices into the glass.
  • Tear up a bunch of mint leaves (as many as you see fit) and drop those in the glass, too.
  • Sprinkle some sugar on top. Just sprinkle a little bit – you can always add more at the end if it isn’t sweet enough for you. I prefer a less sugary mojito, but you can make yours as sweet as you’d like.
  • Now the fun part! Mash it all together! We own a bad ass tool that is made specifically for muddling (it was a stocking stuffer for my hubby – you can buy it on amazon HERE for $9!), but you can easily use a spoon or fork, or the handle of a spatula, or your own fingers.
  • Pour in the Malibu Rum. Again, no measuring here for me. I just eye it. It will depend on the size of your glass/how strong you want your drink.
  • Muddle it all together one more time.
  • Add ice.
  • Fill the rest of your glass with club soda.
  • Try your drink & tweak as needed. Not sweet enough? Add more sugar. Too strong? Add more club soda. You get the idea.
  • ENJOY! Preferably with your feet kicked up and the sun hitting your face.


You can also enjoy a virgin mojito if you aren’t a drinker! When I was preggo, I would just use 7-up or Sprite and add lime and mint. Super refreshing!

There’s just something about sunshine.

It never ceases to amaze me how a little change in the weather can bring about such a huge change in my outlook on life. The glass is always half full when the first tastes of summer hit my hometown. This past weekend we had some freakishly warm-for-April weather. A few more pairs of flip flops came out of hiding, I got to show off my Vegas tan a little, I opted for iced coffee over hot, and my little Landon Drew got his hands on some lush, green grass for the very first time.


I love me some sunshine! Sunshine = Happiness. There are really on 2 things that I don’t like about it… 1) skin cancer, 2) it draws me outside and away from the piles of laundry that still haunt my house. Oh yeah, haven’t touched any of it in days. But, the glass is half full baby! I know it’ll get done eventually (I’ll be forced to do something when my kiddos are rocking their birthday suits because there’s nothing clean to wear).



Yesterday I had a mid-day presentation outside of the office. On the way back, my co-worker and I made a detour at the liquor store (shhhhh…don’t tell our boss). Now, I’m not really much of a drinker, but there’s just something about 80 degree weather that screams for a mojito. So, last night I got to enjoy a refreshing beverage on our back porch while the hubby BBQ’d and the kiddos rolled around in the grass. Heaven, I say.




Is Summer approaching where you are? What’s your fave thing about the sun?

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