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Wise Words Wednesday: Travel

“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines, sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.” – Mark Twain

Leila Jade in Hawaii, Jan. 2011…

One thing I am positive of in this life is that I LOVE to travel. If I could do ANYTHING, I would see the world… I would spend 50% of my time at home and 50% of my time traveling to new, exotic places. If only money wasn’t an issue.

I posted on facebook yesterday that we were getting our taxes done and if we came out with any sort of return, we would go to Hawaii this year. Well, we did! So I’m pretty sure we’ll be heading back to Hawaii in June. Why Hawaii? Because the hubby & I both have a soft spot for the closest-to-us tropical islands… our wedding, no international travel required, perfect weather – need I say more?

My only reservation about going? The 5+ hour flight with 2 little kiddos. That kinda kills the excitement a little. BUT, I can’t imagine taking a trip without them. Am I crazy? Maybe a little, but I just want them to experience the world as much as they can. I want to see their eyes light up with excitement when a plane lands in a new place. I know they are both still so little, but I lay in bed at night and I dream about the days when they are a little older and we can take extended family trips to explore Europe, to volunteer in Africa (one of my biggest Dreams To Do), & to hit up Disney World.

Traveling is expensive, but it is SO worth it. I am obsessed with the Mark Twain quote above… life really is too dang short to NOT just go for it… to spend time in other parts of the world… to EXPLORE. DREAM. DISCOVER. Pretty much sums up my mission in life, right there.

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  • Don’t worry about the flight! I took my son on international trips at two months, eight months, a year, and ages two and three. It really was not that bad, certainly not worth dreading. Pack plenty of snacks and pack light. There’s nothing wrong with bringing some baby Tylenol for their ears. Definitely pack baby wipes. That was the only real problem I’ve ever had on a flight: baby with diarrhea, no wipes to be found in the airport.

  • alazycrazylife

    I’m SO SO SO jealous that Hawaii is a close(ish) travel destination for you! I would LOVE to go there someday, but from NC, it’s not exactly an easy or cheap trip 🙁 If only money weren’t an issue…that’s the key, for sure. I’m hoping to get to travel more when the kids get older (with them and without). I’d better add that to list of things to start saving up for!

  • Just DO IT! But in all honesty, if I were you I’d probably hit up the caribbean over Hawaii, just because it’s closer. And I LOVE the caribbean. Maybe even more than Hawaii. It’s just that Hawaii is an easier trip for us on the west coast.

  • alazycrazylife

     We actually booked our 10th anniversary Caribbean cruise a few days ago!! I’m so excited! But Hawaii is definitely at the top of my travel bucket list 🙂