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High five for Friday!

Out with the old, in with the new! I’m saying sayonara to my horrible week and welcoming the weekend with open arms. TGIF!

Happy thoughts…

  1. “It’s Friday, Friday, gotta get down on Friday!” he he he he…
  2. Cheered myself up last night with dinner out with the fam followed by a trip to the Apple store where we purchased the new iPad. I lurve it! (But of course, with the way my week has been going the one we purchased was slightly defective, so it will be exchanged today.)
  3. The kiddos & I are over our colds! Bout dang time!
  4. Leaving for Vegas 2 weeks from today! And ya know what I’m most excited for? Getting 2 solid, no-baby-waking-me-up nights of sleep. 
  5. Gonna get my craft on this weekend. Stay tuned for my March DIY project. I’m cutting it close, right?
  6. Jenna posted a recipe for Coconut Almond Butter and I am so making it tonight. Yummo!
  7. I think we’re booking our family trip to Maui tonight. Sun, sand, pina coladas… oh yeah!
  8. My girl scout cookies were delivered today! (& I’ve already eaten half a box!) 
  9. Landon finally gave me a good chunk of sleep last night – 6 hours straight. It felt SO good & as a result, I feel GREAT.
  10. It’s almost the weekend, need I say more?
What are you high-fiving Friday for?
I’m linking up with Lauren at From My Grey Desk today. 

Wise Words Wednesday: This Too Shall Pass

“This too shall pass.” – medieval proverb, exact source unknown


This week has been “one of those weeks.” Nothing seems to be in my favor and I find myself continually telling myself “this too shall pass.” The saying has always brought me peace in knowing that life is ever changing and nothing is permanent. I guess that’s a little bit frightening at the same time.

Interestingly, I always assumed this saying came from the Bible. According to all of my googling, it does not. Good to know, I guess.

Sorry, I don’t have much to say today. Sleep deprivation and the-cold-from-hell are getting the best of me. I will try my hardest to get back to happy-shiny-rainbows-&-sunshine-Ariel as soon as possible. 🙂

My Boys

I am grateful to have some fabulous gentlemen in my life. Boys, here’s what I have to say to you…


To my wonderful Hubby…
Thank you for loving me unconditionally – for accepting my controlling tendencies, my mood swings, & my laziness. Thanks for cooking delicious food for me, for helping to keep the house clean, & for bringing home the bacon. You rock my world. I love that you are the best daddy I could have ever imagined to our children. I love EVERY thing about you.


To my darling Landon Drew…
My little chubby-wubkins! You make mommy so proud. I’ve only really known you for 5 months, but I can’t imagine life without you. I love your smell, your rolls, your giggles, your snuggles, and the way your ENTIRE face lights up when you smile. You are my little ray of light in a sometimes very dark world. And if you figure out how to sleep better, I’ll love you even more!


My first born, my Billy dog…
I love you Billy Dee! I’m sorry that your life has changed so much since Leila & Landon came along. You are the BEST dog in the world. But, you are more than just a dog to me. I love how you keep my feet warm at night. I love how you can sense when I’m sad and you smother me in kisses. I love your playful behavior…how it comes out once the kiddos go to bed. I hope you can always feel my love, even if I don’t always have the time to show it.


Wifey/Mommy Ariel

The calm AFTER the storm.

This past weekend started off to a rocky start for me. On Friday I woke up feeling like death. I had been struggling with a nasty cold all week and on Friday, after Landon was up all night coughing with the same cold, I woke up feeling worse than ever. Since both kiddos were also in rough shape I called in sick to work. Friday tested my patience to the max. I won’t go into details, I’ll I will say is that there was a steady pattern of crying throughout the day – me included.

BUT, my Saturday & Sunday? They were relaxing & fabulous! The hubby was home and I was SO grateful to have his help! I still feel pretty crappy, but I’m getting better and so are the kids. Here is our weekend in bullets & photos…

…Leila had her 1st real gymnastics class. She did SO good & loved every second of it. And the nap she took that followed was heavenly for me. 🙂

A couple of the pics are Leila loving the foam pit at gymnastics!

…I found this recipe for Strawberry Cookies with Cream Cheese Frosting on Pinterest. It seriously looked so delicious to me that I ended up going to three grocery stores just to find strawberry cake mix (seriously, what is up with that? I thought it was common!). Needless to say, they were NOT good. WAY too sweet and sickening for me.

So pretty and easy to make, but not my cup of tea (Leila liked them though – hubby did NOT)…

…The rest of my weekend was spent deep in family time. Mainly we enjoyed the return of Spring weather with long walks out in the sun.

My bright pants from Target make me so happy! (& OMG, Leila needs new clothes!)

Leila likes to walk Billy…

First Spring flowers!

…Landon had his first food this weekend! Avocado! We aren’t really going to start feeding him until he’s 6 months old, but we had this beautiful avocado with dinner, so I decided to mash a little up for him. Leila fed him and he seemed pretty interested in it. 🙂

…More big Landon news… he’s starting to sit up all by himself! He lasted about 2 minutes today. Still wobbly, though.


Not so sure about this, Ma…

How was your weekend? Here’s to a productive week ahead!

To be a kid again…

I often find myself daydreaming about my childhood. I try to remember what it felt like to have not a care in the world. No bills. No work. No stress. Growing up out in the boonies, my weekends were usually spent exploring the woods around my house; building forts with fallen branches, making mud pies, and just plain getting down and dirty. Life was simple and oh so good.

When I watch my kiddos play I try my hardest to live vicariously through them. To return to the days of “not a care in the world.” Ah, to be a kid again…




My childhood was wonderful. It was full of imaginative play. There were no computers, no cable TV. My media interaction consisted of Saturday morning cartoons, which were such a treat! Sometimes I wonder and worry about my kiddos’ childhood. I really can’t relate to how they are going to grow up in this world where screens surround them constantly… the TV, the computer, cell phones, tablets. How will this affect their future?

I just hope they will always appreciate the simple things in life. Turning the pages of a favorite book. Rolling down a grassy hill. Pretending a broom is their trusty steed. I hope they learn to let their imaginations run wild, like I did…. & sometimes still do.


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