Dreams To Do


Sometimes a sunny winter walk takes priority over everything else that needs to get done.




With the hubby working this weekend, it’s just me and the kiddos… just trying to survive. With Landon having a nasty cold and us working hard to get Miss Leila potty trained, I really should have just stayed inside all day and caught up on chores. Instead I ventured off to Target by myself with the littles and spent way more money than I should have (I serious couldn’t resist buying Leila her Easter outfit already – is that weird?) and then as I stared into our disgustingly messy bedroom I decided to say “screw it” and go for a walk instead.

If you think I have my life together, check this out…
…and it still looks just like that right now.

What should have been a 5 minute jaunt around the block took us nearly an hour. Leila picked up old leaves from the Fall and put them in her little jewelry box. I walked circles around her, trying to get a fussy Landon to sleep in the Ergo carrier while simultaneously walking Billy and snapping photos. It was quite the adventure.

When I sat down to upload photos tonight and type up this post I got a pang of guilt for being so unproductive with housework today. But as soon as the photos from our walk popped up I knew it was worth it. Laundry can wait. The messy bedroom can wait. But, time with my kiddos out in the sunshine (ok, and shopping at Target) are little bits of happiness that just aren’t worth passing up.

It’s all about prioritizing life the best that you can.

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