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Monthly DIY: Scrapbook Paper Wall Letters

Craft time!

Over the weekend I decided to do something to push myself a little bit in my creativity – a monthly DIY project! I’ve decided to commit myself to completing one artsy crafty project every month this year.

For January I decided to make Landon’s name to hang above his changing table. Here’s how it turned out…


Looks pretty good on our funky wood panel walls, eh? It seriously only took me like an hour to complete this project (minus shopping time at Hobby Lobby… oh man, I could spend hours in that place!). Here’s what I used and how I did it…


  • Wood Letters (I got white ones, but you could easily get plain wood and paint any color you’d like)
  • Scrapbook Paper 
  • Tacky Spray Glue
  • X-Acto Knife
  • Cutting Mat
  • OPTIONAL: Sandpaper & Distress Ink (for the edges)



1.  Spray front of letter with tacky glue.


2.  Place glue side down on back of scrapbook paper.
3.  Cut around letter with x-acto knife on a cutting mat (or any surface you don’t mind cutting into).

Ha Ha! This is me pretending to cut with my left hand while snapping a pic with my right.

4.  Repeat for each letter… each on a different print of paper, or the same – you choose!

Before sanding edges and applying distress ink…

At this point you could call it a day and be done with this project. OR, for a little something extra…

5.  Sand the edges of each letter.
6.  Apply Distress Ink (I used “Tea Stain”) around the edges of each letter (I just smudged it around with my finger… not sure if this is legit, but it worked for me).
7. Hang on wall.

My finished project… after sanding and applying distress ink…

Overall, I’m pretty dang happy with how they turned out. BUT, my original plan was to sand the edges a little rougher and then apply the distress ink. However, I didn’t have any course sand paper and it was pouring rain and I didn’t feel like going out and getting some. So, I used this super soft stuff that I found in a random drawer in our garage. Oh well.


Rockin’ Body

Don’t I look HOT for just having a baby?


Ha Ha! I wish! My co-worker has convinced me to do BODYROCK.tv’s 30 Day Challenge and ya know what? I’m super excited! One of my longest standing Dreams To Do is get my lazy a** in shape. It’s also the hardest thing to do because I HATE working out. Hate it. But this challenge sounds totally do-able and FUN. I’m gonna get my hubby to do it with me.

The plan? Every night after we put the kiddos down and before we plop our butts on the couch to watch TV we will commit 15-20 minutes to completing the daily exercises. And the best part is that it’s quick and can be done in front of the TV. WIN!

Look at me, talking likes it’s going to be so much fun and so easy to keep up on. I’m just trying to be positive and I really am going to try my hardest to see this little ole challenge through (and not stop after 1 week like I always do with things like this).

Wanna join in on the fun? I’m starting Sunday with the Day 1 Fit Test. You should, too!

Wise Words Wednesday: Little Things

“It’s the little things that matter, that add up in the end, with the priceless thrilling magic found only in a friend.” – Elizabeth Dunphy


Today started off rough. After a long night battling a racing mind and several toddler/baby wake-ups, I woke up to my alarm at 6:01am (yes, 6:01) in a grouchy mood, to say the least. And then I left for work and my car literally slid sideways down our street on a ridiculous sheet of ice. Thank God no cars were coming through the intersection. Needless to say, I wasn’t feeling too positive about today by the time I got to work.

However, 2 things got my day going in a much different direction than it started.

  1. SUNSHINE & blue skies! Need I say more? 
  2. The sweetest, most amazing little note from my dear friend, Kelly. Seriously, who sends handwritten notes these days? I still can’t stop smiling from it.

The moral of this story is… well, I’m not really sure. All I know is that, like I’ve said a million times before, it really is the little things in life that matter. I get so easily caught up in the every day stresses of life that I forget to stop and smell the roses and appreciate the little things… to take 5 minutes out of my day and write a kind note to someone. Why don’t I do this? Well, thanks to you Kelly, I’m going to start doing it! Love you girl!

On another, much more important note… I was munchin’ on some trail mix at work when I came across something most interesting. See for yourself:


I don’t know why I found this giant raisin so amuzing, but I did! Ha! Never could bring myself to eat it, though.

Just Dance

Our Sunday evening was winding down and I was feeling a little gloomy after spending the day in my jammies without leaving the house. So, I turned on the TV to the 90s music channel…

This is the rhythm of the night
The night, oh yeah
The rhythm of the night

This is the rhythm of the night
My life, oh yeah
The rhythm of the night

Remember that one?  Next thing I knew I was dancing around the living room with Landon in my arms and Leila twirling and laughing around me. Billy even joined in by trying to attack our feet as we bounced around.
I think I found my new form of daily excercise.
Not only did I work up a sweat, but my children loved every second of it. And seriously, those reminiscent 90s tunes sure did put me in a giddy mood! Try it ya’ll! If you don’t already enjoy a regular nighttime family dance party, I highly recommend it.

And, here’s a video to get ya started…


3 Months

My little man turned 3 months old yesterday! I can hardly stand the cuteness…


Landon Drew at 3 months…

  • Not sure about his weight, but he’s wearing mainly 6-9 month clothing. Still HUGE!
  • Inconsistently sleeping through the night, but I’m not complaining! Every few nights he’ll sleep from 7:30pm to 5-6ish am without a peep! But usually he’ll wake up to eat around 3am and go back down until 7. Not too shabby!
  • He eats every 3 hours… 6 ounces of breast milk/formula from a bottle during the day! Little piggy! And at night/in the mornings he would never latch off of my boob if I didn’t make him. Ha!
  • Landon is still such a little lover – so easy going. And he seems to be adjusting to daycare life just fine.
  • He gave me his first little giggles a couple of weeks ago when I was tickling his neck. But, he hasn’t laughed much since – he’s a pretty serious little dude!
  • I can’t even imagine life without him now.
On another note, yesterday was such a great day! It was my first full day home with the kids by myself where I didn’t feel like I was gonna go crazy. They were soooooooo well behaved! And, I think that after my first full week back at work I was really able to appreciate every little second of yesterday with them.
Here are a couple more pics from yesterday’s 3 month photoshoot…


Big sis just had to butt in…

Now off to enjoy the rest of my Sunday off with my littles… back to the grind tomorrow!

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