Dreams To Do

39 weeks

Yes, I am still pregnant. And I apologize to those who may not know me in real life who may have thought I had the baby… nope, just been MIA for almost a week (due to baby prep & stress at work & emotional exhaustion).


Wow, I look almost exactly the same this week as I did with Leila last time – even my hair looks the same!  It’s funny how some weeks I have looked much bigger and some weeks I look so similar. Craziness I say!

Pregnancy tid-bits for this week…

  • I can’t believe I only have a week to go (ok, maybe 2 weeks if he decides not to make his own appearance).
  • Up until today I have been wanting baby boy to stay inside of me. Yesterday was Mike’s memorial and I really wanted to make it through that. Now, he is free to come whenever he wants! Bring it on.
  • At the same time I am SO not ready to do this. Terrified of L&D because I know what it’s like. Still haven’t packed my hospital bag. Work is chaos and I still haven’t even met with my boss yet about my maternity leave. But, whatever.
  • I AM super excited to have a cute, lil, snuggly baby in the house! 🙂
  • I am already getting used to the lack of sleep – been sleeping like crap lately. It’s so funny how your body prepares you for sleep deprivation before baby even gets here.
  • This weekend will be fun…if baby isn’t here yet I’m gonna try to make him come. No, I’m not gonna try castor oil or anything too crazy, but I am going to be SUPER active and stay busy and eat lots of spicy food and pineapple. And maybe even try this. Any other suggestions?
  • Can’t wait to see his sweet face! And figure out a name for him! (ok, maybe that’s a lie… I’m kinda dreading having to settle on a name.)

Now, let’s see if there will be a “40 weeks” post! Who knows!?

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