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Pathetic Pregnant Lady

Wanna know the highlight of my day?


That would be me receiving a very lotion-y foot massage from my 2 year old. And this wasn’t the first time. I took advantage of her new fetish last night, too. My girl loves to give a good foot/leg massage. And normally mommy may get irritated with the mess & waste of lotion, but these past couple of days I have been so tired after work that it is pure heaven to just lay back and relax for 10 minutes while Leila goes to town on my feet. Is that so wrong?



33 weeks

I love the little lurker in the background…


Pregnancy tid-bits for this week…

  • So you know how this past weekend I busted my ass cleaning our garage and basement? Well, I’m regretting that decision right now. I am SUPER sore. My hips barely want to work and my back is killing me. And I didn’t do too much heavy lifting…
  • With our nice HOT weather lately I have been getting asked/told multiple times per day if/that the heat must be making me miserable. Well, it’s not. I love the heat. And I don’t think it affects me any differently being pregnant or not.
  • The heartburn is getting worse. And I didn’t think that was possible. 2 nights ago I literally had stuff (i.e. stomach acid mixed with what I ate for dinner) coming up my throat while I slept and choking me. I woke up several times coughing and barely being able to breath. It was SO nasty. It made me bust out in tears at 2am, frightening my poor hubby.
  • Yesterday I had a little bit of a panic attack. Ok, not really a panic attack, but I just got really overwhelmed that I only have 7 weeks to go. That’s only 6 weekends to get ready for baby and only 3 of those include my hubby not working. And I feel like we have so much to do! I finally calmed down and I’m feeling good about it all at this moment.
  • Baby Boy is still nameless.

Wow, I feel like this was kind of a negative post. I swear I’m still a mostly happy pregnant lady! 🙂

Get ‘er done!

Sometimes you have to waste away a beautiful summer weekend to just get ‘er done. With only 3 weekends with my hubby off work left until our new little bundle arrives, I need to make the most of having him around. So, what did we do over this most glorious and HOT HOT HOT weekend? We tackled the basement and garage. Fun times I tell ya!

Beautiful pile-o-crap (& shirtless hubby) in basement BEFORE…

Basement AFTER (still not a “pretty” basement, but at least it’s organized now!)…

Hideous, disorganized garage BEFORE…

Hideous, now somewhat organized, garage AFTER…

Leila Jade had fun with sidewalk chalk in the garage while mommy & daddy worked…

So, basically we still have some work to do, but we made some serious progress! Highlights of our cleaning spree included finding a bag of my old maternity clothes that will get put to good use over the next few weeks and finding a box of old love letters from my hubby. Lowlights included the MANY nasty spiders we encountered along the way – creepy! In the end it was a painful task to take on (especially in nearly 100 degree weather), but worth it.

Our weekend wasn’t ALL work, though. We had some fun, too! My momma and I went and saw The Help (OMG, tears galore… & I thought the book was a tear jerker!) then the hubby & I took Leila to the park to play on the splash pad and get ice cream (totally forgot my camera for the best part of the weekend, grrrr). Here are a couple of more pics I captured this weekend…

Leila crying in frustration because she can’t figure out how to tie daddy’s shoes…

Hot Weather + Cold Popsicle = 1 Happy Girl

As for my Pre-Baby To-Do List, I get to cross another item off – YAY! Here’s where I’m at…

  • Clean out the garage and GET RID OF CRAP!
  • Organize the office (without spending ANY $). I would love to turn it into my little craft room.
  • Put my jewelry making supplies to use! I need to complete a trial run before baby gets here! But I need the office organized first!
  • Sew blankie #2 for little man along with burp rags with leftover fabric.
  • Sit down and have a serious budget talk with the hubby. We need to discuss ways to control our spending better ASAP.
  • At the same time, convince hubby to let me spend lots of $ on stuff I need for baby… cloth diapers/wipes, wet bags, diaper sprayer, new breast pump kit, ergo baby carrier, & I really want a Kindle/Nook (ok, so maybe this one has nothing to do with baby… he he).
  • Figure out plan for when/if I return to work… I need to talk to hubby and the boss man… part time? full time? not at all? I have some serious thinking & figuring out to do.
The weekend is over, but I’m feeling good… I’m feeling a productive week ahead! 🙂

Friday Funnies

I hate to admit it, but I really have no blogging motivation/inspiration this week… especially with a weekend with my hubby and daughter ahead of me! Soooooooooooooooo, I will leave you with these fantastic pics…

Everyone should have the Brostache app on their phone…



No explanation. I guess I’m just weird…



And she’s weird, too…


Here’s to a HOT & FUN & FUNNY weekend ahead! Hope yours is FAB, too!

Wise Words Wednesday: Slow Down

“Slow down and enjoy life. It’s not only the scenery you miss by going too fast – you also miss the sense of where you are going and why.” – Eddie Cantor


I am taking 2 minutes out of my CRAZY week to take a deep breath and reflect on the above quote.

I am by no means complaining, but I feel like I have been go-go-going this week. Work has been crazy. Leila has been crazy. Our house has been crazy. Our car has been crazy. Sheer craziness I say!

It’s weeks like this that sadden me when I take a moment to sit back and think about it. All of the little insanities in life that cause so much stress when added together make the time FLY BY and can easily distract you from what is truly important and what life is all about. So, I am choosing to stop, and breath, and re-focus. Ahhhhhhhhh. I feel better already.

I highly encourage everyone to take 5-10 minutes at least once or twice a week to just sit in silence and reflect on your life. Reflect on what REALLY matters to you. Enjoy the current moment and be grateful for all that you have. It’s so easy to lose track of where you are going if you aren’t careful.

Happy Hump Day! Here’s to an easy downward slide towards the weekend!

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