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A Mommy Moment

Today was a typical, dull day at work. Nothing exciting. So, by the time 5 o’clock rolled around I was super stoked for the weekend ahead. I eagerly ran out of the office at 5-on-the-dot with plans to spend the evening having a picnic dinner with my beautiful daughter in the 80+ degree weather.

Upon arriving at daycare, my plans and excitement instantly disappeared. I walked in to find a sad, sick little girl with big tears dripping down her face and a faucet of snot coming out of her nose.

My poor baby.

Mommy mode kicked into high gear. I gathered her up in my arms and she melted into me. She needed her mommy. Sure, my plans for a carefree evening full of frolicking outside with my 2 year old went down the drain, but my mommy ego was at a high. I got her home, gave her some medicine and juice, let her watch some Dora, and we snuggled on the couch.

It really doesn’t get much better than knowing you are making the most important person in the whole wide world to you feel good.

After a while, Leila started to rally. We did end up going outside for a little while and I even got her to eat some carrots and give me a fake smile…



I guess we’ll see how this little cold affects our summertime weekend plans that were supposed to include a visit from the Binky Fairy (who takes away binkies from big kids and gives them to babies… not sure if I want her to visit while Leila is sick).

Happy Weekending!!!

Wise Words Wednesday: Imagination

“I like nonsense, it wakes up the brain cells. Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living, it’s a way of looking at life through the wrong end of a telescope. Which is what I do, and that enables you to laugh at life’s realities.” – Dr. Seuss

My Daughter, The Surgeon

I think my daughter is going to be a surgeon when she grows up. Or at least some sort of doctor. She has always been super coordinated and pays really close attention to detail. I’ve thought this since she was 6 months old and would sit and carefully take a pen lid off and put it back on. Pretty good for a baby!

The last week has confirmed my prediction. Leila has discovered our little first aid kit (which made its first appearance here) and has developed an obsession with it. She has also started to really play “make believe.” She will sit for over an hour in her room playing “doctor” with her babies. She cleans their little knees with baby wipes and puts band aids on them. She kisses their “owies.” And then at night when it’s time for bed, she clutches her first aid kit tight as she falls asleep.


The gloves crack me up!

Oh how I love this age – to see her imagination really developing! Isn’t it funny how at some point most of us grow out of it? We lose our sense of imagination. I wish I could pinpoint the moment when I lost interest in playing with Barbies. Because I know that one day I played with them and the next day I didn’t. Isn’t it strange how that happens? Do any of you remember when you grew out of really “playing?”

I’m hoping that through my children I can get some of my imagination back. That I can be inspired by them to think in ways outside of reality. To escape a little through my mind. I miss those innocent childhood days!


28 weeks

Baby got back…


Pregnancy tid-bits for this week…

  • Weight gain = 23 lbs so far… I’m only a couple pounds away from my ending weight with Leila. I feel like I don’t really look that much bigger than 28 weeks with her, but I do think my butt is bigger. I need to go underwear shopping… big time!
  • I had another ultrasound last week to check on my low-lying placenta. Looks like it hasn’t moved much. Soooooooooo, there’s a good chance I’m going to end up with a c-section this time. Pooey. I will get another U/S in a few weeks to check it one last time. Keeping my fingers crossed!
  • Besides my stupid placenta, everything is great! My boy is nice and big and healthy! Above avg for weight so far (I don’t remember how much they estimated he weighed though).
  • Baby Boy is finally starting to accumulate some things! We’re getting our cloth diaper stash started and he has a nice little wardrobe of cute Carter’s clothing that I’ve purchased on clearance. This past weekend I also bought him some towels (so he won’t have to use Leila’s pink flowery ones), receiving blankets, and tiny little shoes!
  • I just feel super happy lately. This pregnancy is treating me really well (knocking on wood right now)! I don’t think it looks like I have a pregnancy “glow” but I totally feel it.
  • Haven’t been a huge fan of water this pregnancy which is strange because that’s pretty much all I drink when I’m not. I just feel like it hasn’t been quenching my thirst and I need something tart or tangy to do that. I just discovered Crystal Light Pure packets – they don’t contain artificial sweeteners, so I don’t feel guilty drinking them (artificial sweetener gives me the creeps). SOOOOOOO YUMMY!

That’s all I got for now. Oh man, my hair was super shiny with Leila! Did ya notice? Hmmmmm….

Pull-Ups & Potties & Other Fun Things

Boy oh Boy, did I have a FUN weekend or what!? (Only partial sarcasm there.) Here’s a little peek at what I was up to…


With my hubby working all weekend, it was just me and my girl. I went into the weekend with plans of us spending some quality time at home working on the potty training. We started out Saturday morning, diving right on in! I whipped out some new Dora undies and Leila was stoked! She did a little happy dance when I put her in them and instantly wanted to see my undies, saying “Mama undies, too!” Then I proceeded to follow her around closely, knowing that an accident would occur at any moment. She sat on her potty every 20 minutes or so, but by the time noon rolled around we had gone through 3 pairs of undies (one with poo – EWWWW!) and had zero potties on the toilet. I was exhausted! After the poo I said “screw it!” with the undies and busted out the Pull-Ups. She was just as excited with those. I put her in bed for her nap, started singing her a lullaby and she jumped up saying, “Potty! Potty!” She crawled off her bed, and ran down the hall to her potty. I just lounged on her bed, waiting for her to return. After a couple minutes, I went and checked on her… she was mid-pee… in the potty!!! Momma lost it. I did a little happy dance and showered her with kisses! After that she took a SWEET 2.5 hour nap and I got my relax on!

Nothing like a cold, fizzy drink and a good gossip mag out in the sunshine…

I painted my toes, too! (Ewwwww… looks like I also effed up with the fake tanner – HA!)

And, Billy did some sun-bathing…

I know it’s wrong, but I was so excited about that one pee in the potty that I kind of gave up after that. I mean, I just kept her in pull-ups most of the weekend and encouraged her to sit on the potty a lot, but I didn’t push it. And, we had no more luck all weekend. But that’s ok! I’m really not in a hurry for her to be potty trained…but, it would be nice!

Other than that, my weekend consisted of a walk in the park & lunch with my gal pals and shopping with my momma (again, I went crazy… hubby isn’t too happy… but, it was mainly baby things!)

I will leave you with one last HILARIOUS potty pic…

Leila brushing her teeth on the potty while holding her favorite thing in the world, a first aid kit. And Billy in the background is the icing on the cake! HA!

Hope your weekend was as exciting as mine! 😉

From Funk to Spunk!

Sometimes you just gotta sleep it off! Yesterday I was totally in a funk (which stemmed from a very intense pregnancy craving gone wrong when my hubby failed to buy the correct item from the store). I went to bed early, feeling grouchy and uncomfortable and unmotivated, just wanting the day to be over with. What do ya know? I awoke bright and early, before my alarm went off, and I am feeling spunky!

It’s Friday, Friday, Gotta Get Down on FRIDAY!!! He He!
(I’m a nut, I know.)

Anyhoooooooooooooooooo… I decided to get over any hesitations and “what ifs” that have been holding me back over the past week and spend some money online today! Oh yeah!

Here’s a little collage of what I purchased…


I am a baaaaaaaaaaaaadddddddddd girl! BUT, every item was purchased with good reason (let’s just hope my hubby agrees once he sees this)…

  1. Me Stuff:  Old Navy is having a great deal today! An extra 30% off men and women’s clothing with code “ONBIG30″…even clearance items! So, I got 3 basic maternity/nursing tanks, a pair of maternity capri jeans, and 2 pairs of leggings… all for $41 after tax! Pretty dang good, huh?
  2. Jewelry Making:  There’s no turning back now! I just spent $200 to get my jewelry making dreams started. I ordered some wholesale sterling silver ball chains and various sizes of bezel cups. I paid more for sterling silver because I really want to create quality items (and I personally am allergic to crap metals). You will see much more on this in the future, once I get going.
  3. Baby Things:  Cotton Babies is having a killer deal on certain BumGenius cloth diapers right now. So, I ordered 6 newborn all-in-ones for $6 a piece – that’s over half off! Plus, they have FREE shipping. I love free shipping. Total $ spent on CDing so far = approx. $66. I also purchased orange and blue minky dot fabric via Etsy to finish making some swaddling blankies for my little man. Can’t wait to get my craft on!

So, maybe I did some damage to the ole bank account today, BUT at least I’m taking some initiative and making things happen! Baby steps! Now I just need to put what I bought to good use (won’t have a problem doing that with the clothes at least… CDing, jewelry making, & sewing are still up in the air, though).

Hope everyone has a fabulous weekend!

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