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Pregnancy Brain

In the midst of writing my sappy-happy post yesterday, I completely forgot to write about my ultimate bout of pregnancy brain yesterday morning.

Actually, let me just show you…


I woke up yesterday happy (and without a headache for the first time in over a week). I got ready for work in record time, dressed in a pretty spring dress for the sunny weather, and got to spend some pleasant moments with Leila before heading off to work. I even arrived at work several minutes early for once.

And then I sat down at my desk and noticed my feet.

Yes, I was wearing two completely (except for the color) shoes. I was mortified and soooooooo grateful that no one had noticed. Long story short, I ran home and grabbed the match to the peep toe wedge and started working about a half hour late. However, the rest of the day was obviously amazing.

How does this happen? I have no excuse other than this pregnancy. I wasn’t running late. I wasn’t all grumped out. It was a good day!

Looking back I just think it is hilarious! I’m pretty sure I had a nightmare where this happened once before.

Hope this put a smile on your face. 🙂

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  • HAHA!! Oh my, that it seriously too funny! Unfortunately, this sounds like something I would do on a normal day & NOT be pregnant.

    Can we blame “mommy brain”? 😉

  • Oh yeah Mrs. D, we can all definitely blame mommy brain! It just feels good to blame my craziness on something other than just me being me. 🙂