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Pathetic Post

Let me start by saying HAPPY MEMORIAL DAY! I feel truly blessed and honored to live in this Country and my heart goes out to each and every serviceman/woman who is out there serving us now and those who have lost their lives for us.


Now on to my pathetic post. I title this “Pathetic Post” because that’s how I feel right now and kinda how I feel about my Memorial Day weekend. While everyone else was off camping or enjoying sunny weather, I just had a weekend full of cluster-nothing. Yes, cluster-nothing…I’m making that up. It was a mish-mashed variety of highs and lows, ups and downs, good and bad.


  • My MIL and I went to the broadway musical Wicked on Saturday afternoon and it was AMAZING!!! Seriously, if you ever have the opportunity to see it, it is worth every single penny.
  • Leila’s bedroom was painted a beautiful sky blue/turquoise and now all it needs is some clouds to be painted on. Since her and baby boy will be sharing a room for a while we’re making it pretty neutral (with butterflies in the “sky” on her side and airplanes on his).
  • Andy got off work early on Sunday (YAY!), so we went and visited our good friends Jess & Mike. If you read this past post, you may remember that Mike is in the midst of a nasty battle with cancer right now. I’m happy to say he is kicking its ass! Well, at least he seems to be doing better and is in good spirits. It was great to visit with them for a while.
  • We got a BRAND NEW fancy front load washer and dryer since our old school 80’s ones finally bit the dust. I never thought I’d be so excited to do laundry in my life.


  • I’m seriously slacking on my Dreams To Do and it makes me feel like crappola. Yes I am growing a baby which is a dream in and of itself, but I just can’t seem to get the friggin quilt done so I can move on to other things. I went to the fabric store, bought what I needed to do the binding and tie the quilt together, but I got the wrong needles and then I royally screwed up the binding before even getting to the sewing part. One full nap time gone to waste. 
  • Leila was a nightmare today. And my child is usually quite the angel. She must be FINALLY working on getting some more teeth (she has about 8 to go still). She was just super needy and cried over the littlest things. I was at her disposal all day, so I didn’t get anything on my to-do list done.
  • I tried to be a good mommy and make homemade mac n cheese instead of the boxed variety.  Well, you wanna know how that turned out?  See for yourself…

Looks like barf and tasted like it, too. That’s what I get for not following a recipe.

On the flip side, my daughter did pick me a lovely flower (i.e. dandelion) which did bring a smile to my face.


Back to the grind tomorrow… 🙁

Smoothie Time!

Lately Leila and I have been obsessed with smoothies. We’ve been having one for dinner (or with dinner) almost every night this week. For starters, you know I have a picky eater on my hands. BUT, my child loves anything fruity and she LOVES yogurt. So, if I throw a bunch of fruit in with some juice and yogurt and blend it all together I’m guaranteed a satisfied toddler. And I have become smart about it. I have started throwing in a HUGE handful of baby spinach, too. The best part is that she doesn’t even know it! HA!


Here’s what we do:

1 cup of greek yogurt
1 handful of tropical frozen fruit mix (from Costco – it has pineapple, peaches, strawberries, blueberries, & melon)
1/2 a fresh banana
1 handful of baby spinach
1/2 scoop of vanilla whey protein powder
Some juice (whatever we have on hand, I like the tropical blend)

Just blend that baby up (we use our magic bullet) and you will be in healthy smoothie heaven!

Okay, so maybe the color of this one didn’t turn out too pretty, but I swear it tastes GREAT!

Leila is loving it!


I hope everyone has a fabulous & FUN Memorial Day weekend planned! I get to go see the Broadway musical, Wicked, with my MIL tomorrow, but other than that it should be pretty low key. Hubby has to work on Sunday and Monday, so I’ll just be managing the beast solo. 🙂

Wise Words Wednesday: Gender

“Except for their genitals, I don’t know what immutable differences exist between men and women. Perhaps there are some other unchangeable differences; probably there are a number of irrelevant differences. But it is clear that until social expectations for men and women are equal, until we provide equal respect for both sexes, answers to this question will simply reflect our prejudices.” – Naomi Weisstein

The money shot!

I decided to bust out a deep gender quote today, on the day of the discovery of my next child’s gender. Boy oh Boy was it a long, but VERY good day! A little man is growing inside me!

Precious little profile…

When the ultrasound tech put the thingy on my belly the first image to fill the screen was a penis. Andy and I knew right away. I guess my gut feeling the last couple of weeks was right! I am so happy for my athletic hubby to have a little boy to play catch with and basketball and football. Not that he can’t do those things with Leila (I’m sure he will), but it will be so much fun for us to have one of each gender. I agree with the above quote in the sense that we do condition our children slightly differently if they are boys or girls and maybe this reflects our prejudices, but I also believe that there really are ingrained differences within each gender (besides the genitals). I’m excited to experience the “boy” side of things!

Little feetsies…

Besides finding out we are having a SON, we also learned that he is healthy and doing just wonderfully inside me! That’s the most stressful part about having the first big ultrasound. The only minor concern they found was that my placenta is very close to my cervix, so I will have to have another ultrasound in a month to see if it moves up as my belly grows. If not, they will keep monitoring. I’m not worried though! OH! And they DID move my due date back to October 16th (instead of the 23rd) because he is measuring a week ahead compared to my first U/S. Wooooohooooooo! So, I am now 19.5 weeks along instead of 18.5. It’s the little things that make me happy!

Say “Ahhhhhhhh!”

On another semi-related note, how do you feel about the name Biff Belzer? We started scanning through baby names tonight and this one just cracked us up! 🙂

The 4D shot…

18 weeks

My baby is about the size of a bell pepper and I’m a little bit larger than that…


But, compared to last week’s pic I think I actually look smaller in this one (hadn’t had dinner yet). And I don’t really look too much bigger than I did with Leila last time.

Pregnancy tid-bits this week…

  • We’re finding out the gender on WEDNESDAY! I’m so excited! This baby better cooperate and show us the goods.
  • I had my first prenatal massage on Saturday morning and it was heavenly. I felt so good for the rest of the weekend, with NO headaches! Today I have a little one, but not too bad.
  • Right at this moment I feel my little ninja baby kicking down super low. I wish I could feel him/her all day long! Usually I only get a couple of moments like this each day when I’m sitting still and paying attention. He/She was going crazy during my massage. 🙂
  • My right hip has been going out on me. I remember this happening with Leila near the end, but not this early! I’m not even half way through yet! Sometimes I will get out of bed in the morning and can hardly put any weight on my right leg. I’ve got a long road ahead of me…

I will have many more updates on Wednesday after my appointment! Stay tuned!

Productivity (with just one minor meltdown)

It has indeed been a most productive weekend. My weekend consisted of one most-fabulous massage, zero headaches (for the first time in FOREVER!), lots of laundry, closet building, sun-sitting, book reading, Target shopping (OMG I was a VERY bad girl there), bedroom redecorating, a baby shower, a one-year-old’s birthday, dinner with friends, and only one Leila meltdown.

The highlights (lowlights) of that weekend craziness consisted of my trip to Target and Leila’s meltdown. The rest was just fluff (albeit very good, productive fluff).

I ventured off to good ole Target at 8 o’clock on Saturday night, post Leila’s bedtime. I was by myself. The parking lot was nearly empty. I was in heaven. You see, I love Target. The styles, the prices. The place makes me giddy. Most of my trips there involve a toddler tearing crap off shelves and screaming when I put her in the cart. So, usually I walk away with very minor damage. As for last night, I was bad. I had the shopping high. An empty store with no hubby or toddler to distract me from buying anything I wanted. I did however go there with a mission: to get the finishing touches for a more summery feeling master bedroom. So, I steered clear of women’s clothing. I did buy myself a swimsuit (it will be returned – YUCKO!) and got some cute Leila clothing, but the rest consisted of home goods. $240 dollars worth to be exact (my heart was racing and palms were sweating as I told hubby the grand total).

My precious lounging with a gossip mag on our re-done bed.

Throw pillows & lamps courtesy of Target. Duvet, Ikea (via eBay).

Sorry I don’t have a before picture – I wasn’t really planning on having an HGTV moment. Our room was full of reds and dark colors before. Now it is much lighter and brighter.

Oh! And here is my new BFF…


Not the cute child, the crazy pillow. That my friends is a Snoogle Mini – a pregnant momma’s new best friend. It’s not like those other HUGE pregnancy pillows that go around your entire body. This one allows me to use my own pillow and just use it to support my belly and lower back (and keep me sleeping on my side). Love it! (And Leila does, too!)


So, besides my crazy/awesome/troublesome solo trip to Target the only other thing to really touch on is Leila’s dinnertime meltdown. Updates on the quilt and closet??? Quilt just sits there staring at me on a daily basis. I don’t know how to finish the edges and I’m scared to ruin it. It will happen though. The closet is SO close to being done! Next weekend should do it!

Leila’s meltdown? See for yourself.

All I did was ask her not to smear yogurt all over the counter. I’m scared for the teen years.

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