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Something about April 1st just makes me happy…

I guess I just love a good April Fools Day! Ok, maybe I don’t love when I am the victim of said fooling, but I sure do love doing the fooling and watching others do it! Today I was lucky. Nobody pulled ANY pranks on me. My co-worker and I however did do a funny one to another co-worker. And she won’t know about it until Monday! We took several items from her desk (i.e. lamp, calculator, stuffed animal, business cards, lotion) and took polaroid pics (via iPhone app) of the items, printed them out, marked each with a letter (part of the “code” for her to decipher and find her things), laminated them, and put them on her desk in the exact place where the item was. She will be so confused when she comes in Monday! Ha! Maybe that is silly and stupid and immature, but we had so much fun doing it. There’s nothing like planning a good prank on a Friday afternoon.

Another much more impressive prank I pulled today involved my boss. I walked into the office, shut the door behind me, and told him I needed to talk to him. He immediately looked concerned. I handed him a letter and told him that I hated to do this, but I had to get it over with before the weekend. He proceeded to tell me I better not be quitting and that I was giving him a heart attack. Here’s what the letter said…

Dear ——–,

I just want to start by saying that it has been a pleasure working here. I wouldn’t trade my experience at —- for anything. I really appreciate everything you have done for me and the opportunities I have been given. But, I have bigger plans in my future. And, I have some big news to share. I’m pregnant. And I plan to keep working here.


Respectfully yours,


If you are confused in any way by this, let me explain. YES, I am pregnant. Almost 11 weeks. I apologize if you are one of my friends reading this who I haven’t personally told yet. It’s always hard keeping a pregnancy a secret and I hate doing it, but I also have the typical early pregnancy paranoia. More on my pregnancy thus far to come.

Anyway, my boss man read the first couple of sentences and dropped the letter and started panicking, thinking that I was really leaving. I told him to read the rest and he finally calmed down and said congrats and that I totally ruined his day. Not because of the pregnancy, just because of the scare! It was classic and soooooo funny! I then emailed the letter out to all of my co-workers who got a kick out of it and congratulated me on the big news. So, today was a very good day! Now I can let the belly hang out! (yes, I already need new pants)

Now to finish this post with some evening bath time pics!

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  • AWWW congrats Ariel!

  • CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! Oh another baby is just so exciting 🙂