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Sleeping Beauty

Not me. Not Leila. My hubby…


The sweetest thing EVER happened this morning and my heart totally melted all over the floor. Hubby was sound asleep. Leila and I were up. Leila went into our room and climbed up on the bed. I watched her crawl over to her sleeping daddy (out like a light, sprawled out in the middle of the bed on his back), sit and stare at him for a few seconds, and then she pulled her binky out of her mouth, leaned over and planted a big fat kiss right on his lips. I died inside from the cuteness factor. Sleepy Beauty (aka Daddy & Hubby) opened his eyes with a big smile on his face. Who wouldn’t want to be woken up like that?

Just thought I’d document that moment so we never forget.



Now it is on to the weekend! Hopefully we will have some nice weather to enjoy. My goal for the weekend is to start sewing my quilt. Wish me luck.

Wise Words Wednesday: Boy or Girl?

“A baby is something you carry inside you for nine months, in your arms for three years and in your heart till the day you die.” – Mary Mason


I had a doc appointment today and guess what? We scheduled the gender ultrasound for May 25th! YIPPEE! Yes, I am one of those peeps who just has to know what variety is brewing inside me. Even though with Leila I didn’t really believe I was having a girl until she came out. I am skeptical of ultrasounds. BUT, I love to “know” at the same time. Andy and I haven’t even started thinking about names and probably won’t until we find out the sex. I just can’t wait to be able to tell Leila “you’re having a little brother” or “you’re having a little sister.” And honestly? I don’t have the slightest care which we end up with.

Other than that, baby’s heart beat sounds good and strong and I am gaining some good weight (right on track to surpass my weight gain with Leila). Can’t wait to see my little munchkin in 4 weeks!

The original munchkin having a little pre-bedtime snacky.

And, if you were at all wondering what the first pic is of, it’s my growing belly!

What’s inside my bag…

One of my fave momma bloggers, Mandy at Harper’s Happenings, blogged about what’s inside her diaper bag today. It made me think 2 things…1) that’s a fun post idea & 2) boy do I sure need to clean my purse out. Soooooooooo, I decided to hop on the bandwagon and make a short (and not so sweet) post about what’s inside MY bag.

I’m not going to sugar coat this. I am going to show you the inside of my purse exactly as it fell on the table after I dumped it out. WARNING: it is not pretty. BUT, this may make you feel better about yourself and your purse situation. Looking at my life as an outsider, I may appear to have it all together, but hidden underneath I am a mess.

Check it out for yourself.


The goods…

So what was inside my bag?

  • Wallet from Urban Outfitters (it’s kinda like this one)
  • iPhone
  • Keys
  • Clinique make-up: concealer, gloss, & lipstick (Almost Lipstick in Black Honey – my fave!)
  • $50 Nordstrom Gift Card (can you even believe I still have this from Xmas???)
  • Diaper
  • Pill case (empty)
  • Folding comb
  • Butterscotch candy
  • Random pens & coins
  • Ginger candy chews (great for morning sickness)
  • Taco Time gift card
  • Floss
  • Lipsmackers vanilla chapstick
  • Various crumpled up receipts and notes
  • Mint gum
  • Toy vending machine container
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Check book
  • Various crumbs and stale pretzel sticks

I got rid of about half of this crap and re-organized my situation into a brand new purse I had bought a couple of months ago (& was thinking about returning, but I only spent like $15 on it).

I feel so much better now!

This whole process of dumping my purse out and going through it and putting it in a new bag maybe took me like 7 minutes. So why did I wait so long? Who knows. BUT, I’m learning to just “get er done!” Stop procrastinating and do something. Baby steps for me.

I encourage you all to take a peek inside your bag and get organized! I’m serious, it makes you feel like a whole new woman.


Easter is even more fun with a toddler!

We had the BEST Easter weekend ever! With clear blue skies and a temp of 60 degrees, we couldn’t have asked for better egg hunting weather.




Leila fully embraced the Easter egg hunt. She looked under bushes and up in trees and she ran towards any bright colored speckle she saw from a distance. And, I lived every moment vicariously through her and loved every second of it.





We spent the weekend in our hometown with the parentals. Andy’s parents on Saturday and mine on Sunday. On Saturday we had an egg hunt with Leila’s cousins on Daddy’s side followed by dinner and lots of play time with Easter basket goodies.




With so many distractions all around her, we couldn’t get Leila to eat anything decent on Saturday. So, this is what she had for lunch:



If you don’t know, that is Nutella. You know, that chocolatey hazelnut spread. So, at least she got some protein in there.

Unrelated to this post, but guess what? I am officially in the 2nd trimester of my pregnancy now! I think I will start blogging weekly updates and belly shots pretty soon here. I’ve definitely got a bump going on and I’m starting to feel much better. Still lazy, but I think that’s just me and not the baby now. 🙂 Hopefully I can hop back on the dream-doing train pretty soon here. I gotta get some stuff done before October!

Hope you all had a wonderful Easter weekend!

Good, no GREAT, Friday!

This has been a crazy and very loooooonnnnnnggg week, so I am extra grateful that Friday is here! And not just any Friday, Good Friday! With Easter only a couple days away and sunny, warm weather on the agenda for this weekend, I cannot wait for the festivities ahead! I have visions of my pretty little toddler frolicking through green grass in her bright Easter dress with basket in hand, searching out colorful eggs. Last year Leila just sat there and looked cute, so I can’t wait to see her excitement when she gets to participate in the fun this year!

However, with this being Good Friday there is a lot more than just silly Easter traditions on my mind. It’s easy to get caught up in the hype and the fun of the holiday, but it is so important to remember what it is all about. I heart you Jesus!

For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.

For God did not send His Son into the world to condemn the world, but that the world through Him might be saved.

John 3:16,17

Wishing everyone a most happy and joyous Easter weekend! Here are some pics from our sunny evening outside…


Isn’t this a great action shot?

My girl could spend all day collecting sticks and rocks…

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